Monday, May 23, 2011


So I spent some time with the kittens last night (I watched a movie with them) and realized that Jordan is ripping the fur off her tail.  I watched her do it.  She's got quite a bald patch too.

unfortunately this actually looks good..
It really is a shame she has such health issues (herpies, and what ever is causing her to rip her fur out) because she is such an incredibly sweet young girl.  She loves a lap and will forgive me anything (pilling her) if I just pat her chin.

Unfortunately she is going back into heat.  I am NOT a fan of cats in heat mostly because there is no satisfying them, which I'm not very good at accepting.   I did spare you the photos of her preening for a mate, mostly over Nigel.. I have some great shots of him and her rear end that would be NSFW if they weren't cats.


  1. My nervous cat overgrooms... a lot. That behavior is helped immensely by a calming collar.

    Might be worth a try with Jordan...

  2. Hopefully you can get her spayed soon. We have had momma cats in heat before and it is NO fun!! Maybe once she settles in and the kittens are on their own, she can stop what she is doing....


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