Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Toesday with Nigel a bit delayed

well blogger wouldn't let me in at all yesterday, so Nigel had to wait.
why are my adorable toes not in this shot??

Probably a good thing because you would have gotten another "OMG I'm worried about him post" which was fully justified at the time.  He was down to 430g and did not want to eat.  I broke out some KMR and he fought me when I gave it to him.  I also broke out some turkey baby food which everyone else in the room went nuts for, and he just looked at me like I was a big fat meanie.

Line at the scale.  I've never had kittens who like to be weighed before.
But Tuesday morning he came running to the door, was playful, and had a few bites of canned food with his sisters.  He gave up eating pretty quickly, so I forced some more baby food in him, which he liked initially but then got annoyed with.  His weight went up to 440g.

Tuesday evening he ate on his own and liked the baby food I gave him but he deposited a fairly liquid stool, so I collected it and brought it to the shelter this morning.  I just got the call that the stool was loaded with coccidia again!!  I hate that &*&^$%! parasite.  So more Marquis Paste is in their future.

But this morning he was 450g... so at least we are headed in the right direction again.


  1. I have NEVER had kittens cooperate to be weighed. MOL Sorry about the parasite, but at least it is something easy to treat.

    Hope Fleurp is doing better too....

  2. Ugh! Coccidia is the worst - it seems like 90% of our fosters show up with either Coccidia or Giardia. Or both!


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