Monday, May 30, 2011

play time

I'm not up to nuffin..


Mousie must die


Is it time to be weighed again?
I went to the shelter for more food and brought home some new catnip mice.  The kittens liked they were mouse shaped, Jordan liked that they were catnip filled.  She proceeded to steal the toy away from the kittens and then quickly lost it.  She went looking for it and found the plastic bag I brought them home in and proceeded to snuggle with that.  I had to take it away from her as I was a bit afraid she was going to eat it.

Jordan is really ready to move on.  Hopefully we can get her spayed this week to settle her down.  When I went to feed them breakfast she was up in the rafters.  Not quite sure how she got up there, but her desperation because she's in heat is causing her to be a little reckless.

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