Wednesday, May 18, 2011


so I ran home at lunch time.  I checked on the kittens, and they hadn't eaten one of the cans of food I put down.

Jordan is not a fan of canned food that isn't in bits.  Those loaf or Pate type of cat foods are not her cup of tea so she tends to ignore them.  As a result the kittens ignore it too.

Well I mashed it up hoping that would spur interest - no go.  it was looked at and dismissed by all the kittens.

So finally I grabbed Nigel and gave him a little bit right in his mouth.  I could see him think YUM!! and by the time I put him down on the ground, the other two were sidled up to the bowl chowing down.

How did they know??

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  1. It was that special jealousy force which cats can generate at the speed of light. The force is strong in this kittens!

    Srsly, I got some new cat toys and tried one out on one of my cats with no success. He just wouldn't play with it... until my other cat got interested in it, then BAM! he jumped on it!


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