Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nigel's a big boy now

Well this morning Nigel went right for the food I put out for Jordan.  It was so cute.  Bug joined in for a bit, and poor Jordan had to push them out of the way to get the best bits for herself.  Lily still has absolutely no interest in food, and that is fine as they are still so young.  I would not be so excited about this if Jordan was able to nurse them.

I didn't get home for lunch yesterday, and tried to make it up by giving them two night feedings, but they felt smaller this morning then they should have.  I don't think they lost, but they didn't gain.  I'm glad my boss is so flexible that she doesn't mind that I run  home to feed them, but I feel I'm taking advantage.  But then I remind myself that I didn't sign up for bottle babies..

I do need to get to the shelter to get some more food and some non scoopable litter to put down for them now that they are starting on food.  I'll put down a kitten litter box (they aren't much bigger then a shoe box) in the cage with them for a while.

1 comment:

  1. You are such a good foster mother! The way you have shepherded these little furballs past all their disadvantages is great.

    Here's hoping that they all start eating tons of food and continue to grow and thrive!


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