Saturday, May 21, 2011

gaining weight

well they are up to about 500g now.. (just over 1lb) which is good, but their stools are still filled with mucus. I'm still seeing clumps of hair all over the room, and Lily is still grinding her teeth.

I wrote back to the shelter to see if these things were looked into.  I was told the fur loss was hormonal - but I've never seen it like this in any of the other pregnant cats I've had, and they have no clue over the teeth grinding.

I'm not amused at the lack of thoroughness. 

I saw a news segment yesterday on a different shelter using holistic treatments.  I'm becoming more inclined to foster for them in the future despite it being three times the distance from my home. I think in the next few weeks I'll take a drive up there and talk to them about their foster program.   I am pretty sure I can do it with out burning the bridges at the shelter I'm with.

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  1. Hi Connie - I think that is a very neat idea to foster for the shelter that uses holistic treatments. I have never heard of a really good comparison from someone who really has the inside info on both.


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