Monday, May 16, 2011

Mancat Monday

Since the loss of Ollie, I really haven't had a "Mancat" in the household.  Just a bunch of guy cats.. you know that age right?  the age that if they were human they would have just moved out of the house with milk crates for bookshelves and narry a vegetable in the house.

Well recently I've noticed that Eli has started making the move to Mancat.  He just seems older and more mature.  He also seems to have an adult cat face now (bout time since he is 9 years old).  and most noticeably is that his face is mostly clean these days.

See Eli is a child of calcivirus.  He had it very badly as a kitten several times and as a result both of his eyes have blocked tear ducts.  As a kitten and young adult this resulted in very stained face and extremely crusty ears as the eyes and the ears are connected.  I took him to a holistic vet who was versed in laser therapy and she "lasered" his face below his eyes to help and it did.  So now his ears aren't nearly as bad as they were, but since a lot of time has passed since he got the laser treatment, his face was starting to get worse.

Before Ollie passed, I once told Eli that if he didn't get someone to clean his face soon I was going to have to do it for him.  He does not much like that and the next time I saw him his face was clean.  I thought it was a fluke until it happened again and again.

But now he has turned into a full fledged Mancat, I no longer have to remind him. His face has almost constantly been clean.

It is funny that Eli is the more dominant alpha cat since his nick name is squeaky.  he has the thinnest of meows that is very much a squeak.


  1. Eli's a very handsome mancat. :-)

    In our house Nicki definitely is alpha, though there only are the two boys now, of course.

  2. He's prooly still not washing! I bet he has a minion do it for him.

  3. oh he is definitely having someone clean his face. He just can't get in that crevice by his nose with his paw..

  4. I love your "guy cat" vs "mancat." Now I understand more about my little brother Wart. He is going to be a forever guy cat, I am sure. He is not very young anymore.


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