Friday, May 13, 2011

Yea! blogger is back

Sorry for the lack of update. I wanted to see what was going on before saying anything.

As we left it, I was going to get Marquis Paste for the kittens, and I did.  I dosed them all up, cleaned their litter boxes, and went to bed.  In the morning there was some very liquid stool in the boxes, and I was displeased, but not horribly unsurprised.  So I cleaned them up again, and went to work.

I came home at lunch time, and more liquid mucus filled stool, so I took it to the shelter to be tested.  This time no coccidia showed up, so I figured they needed a little non medical help.  I pulled out my good yogurt and some probiotics and offered it to the kittens.  I'm sad and a little happy I didn't bring my camera, because they did NOT want to swallow it so they had the worst (and most adorable) milk chins.  Which they immediately had to shake off so I was covered in yogurt.  Thankfully Jordan was interested in yogurt and we got cleaned up in no time.

Still liquid stool, but other major improvements in the kittens.  Bug has decided she wants to use the "Big Girl" boxes, and now uses the litter boxes that I set up for Jordan.  They all climb up on the couch now.  They are also fully back on food.  Before the Marquis Paste they weren't all that interested in it any more and were stand offish, but now Bug is getting possessive and growling over it.

So I decided to try pumpkin.  That too was summarily dismissed.  I think it was more because Jordan decided it was disgusting and so there for the kits stayed away.  So I covered it with another can of food that was full of gravy and Jordan came and munched on it, so hopefully...

Lily is eating food now, which is a big load off of me.  She totally rejected the milk I brought down yesterday, so I'm just going to monitor their weights and call it all good at this point..


  1. Mom thinks sometimes it is a conspiracy on the part of the kittens to see how crazy they can make the food lady!! They are adorable...keep up the good work!

  2. It is good that they are improving but I understand the frustration of trying to get them to try thing that will make them better only to have them turn their noses up at it - hopefully the pumpkin food mix will stay in favor and help!


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