Monday, May 30, 2011

Day of beauty

and the not so beautiful attitudes it brings out in my cats.  For some reason they do not appreciate my poking and prodding and trimming very much.

it didn't go too badly until I tried to shave Fleurp's belly.  She was not a fan of that, and ended up biting me.  I normally don't mind a warning bite, but she got a little aggressive and a tiny drop of blood formed.   I got the worst of the excessive floof off her, so hopefully we'll have a little easier time of summer here.  I was worried about shaving Kit after that, but she took it much better then I expected.  Kit for being such a tiny cat has an excess of floof and pantaloons, so that she's often leaving klingons around the house (as is Fleurp, hence the shaving)  I furminated them too, which they were not fans of, but the amount of fur I got off them should mean they really needed it.

Jack 12lb 14
Muffin 15lb 4 (gained a pound)
Eli 10lb 15
Twee 10lb
Kit 7lb
Fleurp 10lb 2 (still down a bit)
Skippy 8lbs 12

When I was dealing with Skippy I wondered if he had lost a signifigant amount of weight because his collar was quite large on him, but according to the records he's only down a few ounces.  Maybe he had more fur during the winter and so it looked like his collar needed to be larger?

 I got a gift from a friend.. The guardian angel there the left.  Unfortunately the close up does not come out very well.  But the close up of the heart plaque did.

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  1. Which reminds me, Johnny's pants need a trim.


    Your quilt is beautiful!


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