Friday, May 20, 2011

Vet visit update

What is it about calling in a professional that fixes the problem??

So I packed the kittens up with Jordan and trucked them down to the shelter for their vet visit.  Jordan was NOT amused and sang a long and ballad tale the entire ride down (fortunately it was about 15 minutes - but I did get the same song with kitten back up on the way home that night)  I left them with a list of things that were off to be checked.  I am concerned about the hair loss since it has started back up again.  Some days I go into the kitten room and it looks like a mouse exploded in there.  The kittens are loosing clumps too - but fortunately you can't tell it on them.  So hopefully it is just from play - since that was not mentioned in the vet report (did they even check it?? no idea).

The vet thinks the diarrhea is just left over inflammation from the coccidia infestation, so they are on albon for another two weeks.  I think I'll break out some of the alternative options such as slippery elm bark and see if we can't get  them back to normal (which of course there were several beautiful looking kitten poops at the shelter when I picked them up, but then puddles back at the house this morning)

As for Jordan, she has "dry eye" brought on from herpies.  So we are doing lysine and pure lube for the eyes at the moment while some specialized eye drops are ordered.  NOT fun, because Jordan does not much like the idea of you inserting anything anywhere into her (how on earth did she get pregnant??) After one failed attempt and a nice talking with her, I got the lysine in her. I tried the standing football tecnique to get the eye meds in, but she was too squiggly.

So have you ever had the frustration of calling in a professional and things start to fix themselves before you even get there... well the kittens gained 20g the day before the appointment, and a bit more then that after the appointment, so they are now up to about 450g.  Not to mention the normal kitten poops I mentioned above.

Bug has started to become possessive of food, slapping her siblings out of the way.  I always think it is so funny, but I do what I can to nip it in the bud.  When they get that possessive, I often hold them back and let them watch the others eat for a minute and then try again.  Some kittens don't get to eat until their siblings walk away, but eventually they all end up learning.

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  1. We have noticed that too - call the vet and the problem goes away so the human just looks silly. :) Glad everyone is doing well (more or less). Mom laughs at "food agressive" kittens as well. Had one in one group and his sister beat him every time he growled at someone. MOL


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