Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More room

Well now that the kits are mobile and looking to explore it was time to clean up all the accouterments that I piled up around the cage to care for them and give them a little more open floor space.  It was well appreciated by not only the kits but by Jordan as well. 

She is still very much a kitten herself and really gets in to play pretty aggressively.  She snorts and makes some really odd noises when she exerts herself  Then she did this, and I knew she was still very much a kitten

cause up till now only kittens have played in this basket... like this
Lily is also spreading her wings.  Unfortunately none of her 'splorin involve culinary experimentation, but now that she's hit 400g I really should not complain.  She will do just about anything to get to the "food lady" to get a snack, including the first to try to scale Mount Couch
Bug sitting near the heater keeping warm

I am still concerned about Bug.  She's ~350g (she wouldn't sit still) and still balks at being fed (sometimes I force her to get a few extra calories in her) she looks so petite and her little legs are so little compared to her siblings.  She's also having a harder time with coccidia then Lily and Nigel, as her stool is still quite loose.  She went in the litter box three times in 20 minutes last night.    I need to get to the shelter here pretty quick, so I think I'll talk to them about her and see what they want to do.  But she was interacting with her sibs, she ate, and she played with toys on her own, so she can't be that bad off.

Jordan is thinking she's about done with motherhood.  She's not done, but I can see the possibility in her near future as she's daydreaming... (or watching cat TV?)


  1. I love watching the momma cats come out of their shells. It happened with Chiclet and Swizzle is just starting - I caught her playing with a nip toy the other day. The little ones are is fun to watch them start to explore their surroundings and try to figure out things. ;)

  2. Me too! It's great that Jordan gets some play time. And her fur looks so much better (although is she overgrooming her tail?).

    Bug might just be like Beulah over at Love and Hisses. She was literally half the size of her littermates, but made weight given enough time.

    Some of the photos are pretty funny, though. Beulah might have been small, but she wasn't chicken!


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