Monday, May 9, 2011

Kittens back in the Summer Home

 I think it was their idea and not Jordan's, but she is not complaining. 
 Both Nigel and Bug are eating well... but not not elegantly as you can plainly see...
 I'm not really happy about this as Lily has about 50g on them and she's still completely on formula, but I must remember as long as there is input and they are gaining, I need to not put expectations on them.
Jordan is a complete lap cat now that she isn't spending so much time with the kittens.  She is also still very much a kitten herself, watching her play is so cute.  She's starting to play with the kittens, which can be a little disconcerting because they are so small and she's so aggressive in her play, but watching her you can tell she is very good with them and gentle in her play.

I also sent a sample of their stool to the shelter since they were getting watery.  turns out they have coccidia.. ugh.  They gave DH albon for it, which made me sigh.  I much prefer Marquis paste.  I had a bit left over from the last round of it I had here and it was still in date, so I gave them that.  I'll do Albon to settle their intestinal tract, and hopefully keep them from being reinfestated.  Bug has it worse then Nigel and Lily doesn't seem bothered at all since her stools have been nice and firm.  Poor Bug and Nigel are going to need baths as their rear ends are looking a little worse for wear.  I decided to hold off till tonight since they weren't that bad and I didn't want to stress them out more after medicating them.  Bug didn't mind it, but Nigel and Lily and Jordan were all very ticked off by it all.  Amusing part of the night was when the kids all came to me for comfort after the medication.


  1. Can't wait to see how much weight they gain once they get rid of the nasty parasites!

  2. MOL - yep, nothing much messier than kittens learning to eat. Everyone here is going to need another bath as well...I am putting it off for now. :) They are seriously cute - love the tiny baby heads and big ears!!


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