Monday, August 1, 2011


So I went to the shelter this evening to pick up some more Albon for Kate and Pippa, and while I was there I was told that Bug was still at the shelter.  Apparently she was never adopted and she was put in the sick room for explosive diarrhea.

I was told she was really loving and loved attention, so the warm reception I got was probably more because she was getting attention and not because it was me.. (but I'm still going to go with she likes me, she really likes me :D)

She looks absolutely horrible.  Her fur is all scraggly and her back end looks like she's suffering from diarrhea.  I felt horrible.  As I was snuggling her, I noticed a flea walk across her belly... sigh.

She doesn't look much like this any more
I feel so bad.  I wish there was something I could do.


  1. Awwww... What a precious face. I read the backlink about her, too. Can you take her back home for a little and "fix" her?

  2. This is exactly what I'm afraid of with fostering! It's going to break my heart eventually, isn't it?

  3. In the past I've been asked to take them back, but they didn't this time, and I can't really offer because I'm out of rooms to put kittens in. I so wish I could.

    as for broken hearts, there are always new kittens to mend those cracks..

  4. I can't believe it! Bug was always my favorite of the litter.

    Some patient, loving adopter needs to put a diaper on that butt and take it home to heal.


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