Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kitten crazies in a 16lb cat

From time to time Muffin gets what I affectionately call the kitten crazies.  She's ten years old, and is 16lbs, and lacks all forms of grace.  She plows through life, and I'm perfectly OK with that.  I wish she wasn't quite so heavy - because technically she is overweight - but I love her as she is, and so does she.

For the most part she is five to seven year old cat.  She sleeps a lot, she seeks me out for a lot of attention, lets the other cats beg for food, but she's right there ready to partake if food would happen to appear. She loves her nip, and will lay down and lick nip toys and rub her head on them.  She's the diva of the house.

But when she gets the crazies, she is a heard of elephants AND charging gazelles.  She runs around the house as fast as her little legs will carry her, spins on a quarter (cause dimes are right out at her size) and charges after something else.  Think kittens going after an invisible butterfly.  (wow, I didn't know there actually was a real invisible butterfly
Invisible Butterfly
Not Muffin
Well anyway, the other day something got to her.  She was running back and forth, and I just watched wondering what she was up to.  Finally she ran up the tall cat tree in the great room (not to be confused with the short cat tree in the great room - because frankly I have a lot of cat trees)
if I could photoshop, I'd stick her in here
She stood on the lower turret and looked over at the curtain rod and meowed pitifully at it.  I swear she was saying "No fair, I can't go that way" and a second later her expression changed and she looked like she was going to try to get across the curtain rod. 

Which I knew would only end badly because A) she's not graceful B) the rod would never hold 16lbs of cat and C) it is so close to the wall her body would never allow her legs to balance on it.  So I called over from the kitchen, "No Muff, you can't make it!"   Another pitiful meow, and she repositioned herself and looked like she really wanted to try it.  So I chided her again, and another pitiful meow.  (I can't tell you how badly I wish I had video of this)

So she gave up, and went to the higher platform, and proceeded to try to be spider cat and looked like she wanted to jump up on the ceiling (no, that is not physically possible)  at that point I couldn't take it any more.. I was laughing so hard at her, and I figured she was going to end up hurting herself if she kept after that "butterfly" so I went and herded her down.

She is special that one..

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  1. MOL - everyone needs a "special" kitty in their life. :)


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