Saturday, August 6, 2011

poop patrol

Yes, this is a poop post, you were warned

so with Bug having issues, and Kate and Pippa having issues, scooping the box is going to be interesting.  I just fed them breakfast and scooped and saw a rather large and normal looking dark stool, which I assumed was Bugs because it was a different color and larger then Kate and Pippa have been leaving me.

I was quite excited by this, since the shelter told me she was leaving pudding piles.  I sat and cuddled with Bug while Pippa ate a little (she won't join in the communial plate, but once she gets in there she gets all growly)

Bug was very cuddly and looking for snuggles, so I decided to sit on the far end of the room with her and the toy and snuggle with her.  When I sat down, I saw a drop of something on the floor.  Turned out Bug was leaking again!!    Fortunately I had a towel right near by so I didn't get it all over me, but she didn't much like having her butt wiped.

After a few passes, I realized she wasn't going to stop so I put her in the box hoping that she'd pass most of the liquid, and fortunately she did.  Some pudding like stool came out, then something a little firmer, and just when I had hope this was nothing the rest of the liquid came pouring out of her.  *shakes head*  poor thing.

Which is when I remembered that I saw her evening medication when I went to pick her up.  They mix PanaKare with food, and instead of the A/D they said to give her on the cage it was chunked - which is full of glutens and other fillers, so *fingers crossed* this is going to be the last of it since I'm back to giving them raw.  They really like it and are eating a TON of it.

and just to make me smile, while I was tending to Bug, Pippa came over and used the box.  Kate ran around sniffing me, all on her own... both are new which is nice.  Kate didn't run and hide when I walked in the room - but she did walk away from me.  Kate also walked toward me because the food was in between us, and she sat down to eat near me and I was able to pat her without much reaction..   I think Bug is good for her.

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  1. never offended by a poop post regarding cats or people. Thanks for stopping by Foodtrainers your calorie comment cracked me up.


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