Friday, August 26, 2011


We want out!

you try again and I'll push you!

Almost made it....

Push harder!!!

 So I helped...
aww mom, let us roam.

Crookshanks' crooked tail
 it wags just fine, it just bends to the left.
so my tail is crooked, so what

My tail is just fine ~Fawkes

Hedwig has stripes
 I would call her a black mackerel tabby.  she's really quite stunning.
I zerbert you!
Momma (Liza?  JK? Joanne? Minerva?) walks around with her tongue out a lot.  She is so young, and so smart and so under trained that she really is still a hand full.  We have been working on sit (she's almost got that) and through (walking through a hoop - she will, but I'm not sure she's doing it because of a command) and "up" we have down pat.  I do hand commands with verbal commands and she was getting distracted by my hands and went after them a few times.  One time she got me - I need to get her to the shelter to get those nails trimmed because I still don't trust her anywhere near enough to do it by myself.    She's also been asking for kisses by putting her paws on my lap and her head by my face, which I'm leery of doing because of my lack of trust with her.  I brought out some catnip and she wasn't all that interested.  small toys to chase though were a hit.  she bolted after them, but unfortunately did not bring them back... I guess I also need to get her a good fishing pole type toy.


  1. We like Minerva!!

    Those kittens are just adorable - and getting to the "getting into trouble" stage that is so much fun.

    Our former foster Ebony loves the fishing poles...he grabs the toy on the end and drags the whole thing around growling under his breath (mighty hunter boy).

  2. She looks like a tortie to me. And, if you can find it, Cat Dancer is the BEST interactive toy. Cats leap into the air and do acrobatics. And, it's cheap, cheap, cheap. Simply cardboard rolled up on the end of a wire. Looks like a bug flying around. Try it - you'll have your own Cirque de Soleil.

  3. Stunning is an excellent description of the mama.

  4. Those kittens are so cute! I love their names :)

    Have you ever tried a "speak" command? A friend of mine got her cat to do it, but I'm having trouble getting through to Scarlett and Melly. I think I may try walking through a hoop instead.

  5. speak would be the same as breathe.. she talks so much, has a comment on every little thing and tells me about her entire day. Wonder if I can teach her "quiet" :)


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