Saturday, August 6, 2011


It's always tricky when introducing kittens.  You can't help but wonder if they'll get along or have a raging fight and you need to stick your hand in the middle of flying claws and teeth.  So I put Bug down in her carrier to see what happened....

Kate & Pippa are very interested.
I was a little surprised how interested they were.  They were ignoring their fear of me over the interest in the kitty.
My opening the door was a bit too much
The hinge squeaked and my stepping forward was a bit too much, so they ran behind the toilet again..
It didn't take long at all for them to try to get to her.  If you see in that photo above, Bug's poor back "knees" are missing all the fur.  So then I cleaned up the dry food that Kate and Pippa spilled and threw all around the room and went and got some more raw food.
Bug took to it like a fish to water.  Unfortunately she was a little food aggressive, so I had to keep intervening.  Eventually she got the fact that if she growled she wasn't going to eat.
My food!! ~Bug

Sharing is a good thing
 I was a little surprised that Kate was less concerned with Bug's growling then Pippa was.  Pippa backed off and went and sat in the carrier for a bit, but Kate kept eating.  By this time my husband was in the room helping me out and Bug wanted to investigate him and Kate wanted to be near him.   He brought in two clean litter boxes so we could change out the one they had been using and was getting a little gross.  Not sure what was more interesting there for a while, clean boxes or Bug.
Yours has litter and mine doesn't.
Then the cutest thing happened.
Kate sitting quietly on DH.
I think she was staking her claim.

so Kate and Pippa like DH and cats, but not me.  (but then again I give them medication all the time so I can't blame them there)


  1. Give it time and I think they will warm up to you too. Great pictures by the way.

  2. Hurrah for Kate! I saw from you other post that Bug's tummy is still upset; I hope the raw food did the trick.


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