Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tortitude w/ Siamese tendancies makes for an interesting cat

OK it is official, I do not "like" Momma cat.  (she so needs a name!!) I respect her greatly, and I know she will make a wonderful pet for someone who likes that kind of cat, but she is not my cup of tea.

She talks.  And talks, and talks.  She tells me everything I'm doing wrong, that I'm not doing it fast enough, that I shouldn't be digging around in her box, etc.  She's got a comment on everything.  Most of her comments come with physical manifestations as well.  the digging in her box came with a paw around the ankle and a nip near my skin. The fact that I wasn't patting her enough also came with a nip near my hand.  I told her "NO!" and gave a slight poke on her head (not a hit, just a light tap) and shook my finger at her disappointingly.  She looked a little taken aback that someone would say no to her, so I think we have a case of personality up the wazoo, with some hormones and a complete lack of training.

And she is totally trainable.  She is so smart.  Scary smart.  I decided to work with her intelligence and get her to sit on top of the carrier to be fed.  I called "Up"  and she stood up on her back legs.  I said "noooo, up on the carrier" so she put her front paws on the carrier.. (see.. scary smart) the third I went in to feed I did I simply said "Up" and she jumped right up.  I wonder how many other tricks I can get her to learn.

I can't get her down to the kitten room fast enough.  She wants out of the bathroom pretty badly, and with her propensity to nip, I'm ... well I'm not scared but I am leery every time I leave the room.

A google search came up with the name Elisia.  I think I'll try it out on her and see what happens.


  1. Wow - she would be great for one of those cat shows.....I say keep working with her - the more she knows the more she may give you a moment of peace. :) Love the name.

  2. OMC, my human would take her in a second - her taste in cats is as bad as her taste in men: the moment they do something that spells "trouble," she is smitten!

  3. I've had fosters like that before, who would make great cats for someone who's not me. She sounds like a real personality!

    When my fosters get nippy, I do the tap on the nose thing, blow air on their faces, little things like that. That usually gets the message across, but if they're REALLY being naughty and not stopping, I put them in the cage by themselves for a few minutes. They want so badly to be out playing that they will pretty much shape up after that! (At least until the next time...)


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