Thursday, August 4, 2011


so I mentioned the other day that Skippy was all congested.  I don't know what happened because when he came to see me the next morning he was fine.  I kept waiting to see what was going to happen before saying it must have been a fluke... and since he hasn't had another issue, it must have been a fluke.  I'm very glad.  But the excessive snot on the walls and windows I just noticed I'm not all that fond of..

I also was recently contacted by one of my long distance rescues.  Three and a half years ago Reece came to me as "diabetic"

she had high blood sugars yes, but by the time I got her home they were pretty normal.  I belonged to a message board for diabetic cats and I posted what a great personality she had.  With out even posting a picture our little Reece had a home.

Carolyn was in VA, and she saw my post about Reese (yup, I typo'd, so Reece had become Reese) and how I really liked her, and how she followed me right down to the kitten room and made herself at home.  Some cats have so much personality that you can't help but fall in love, and Reese was apparently destined to be with Carolyn

Fortunately the diabetic message board has members all over the country and they were willing to spend some of their time getting a furry soul mate to their new homes.  Several kitties have been rehomed though this board (I had  two.. Reese and later Bear) and it is a wonderful thing to watch.

So I sent Carolyn picts and the deal was sealed.  We worked out a daisy chain to get her to her new home and off she went. Carolyn renamed out sweet little girl to Roxanne, which I totally understand and it does seem more appropriate for her.

Well recently Carolyn sent me a tweet sharing how wonderful Rox is, and I asked for pictures and a little more of an update so I could post..   I love foster follow up posts that are happy..

Doesn't this just make you smile?
Roxanne & Niko

Roxanne about to whup Niko

Roxanne ate my table

Roxanne and her tomato

Roxanne likes feet

Behold my precious little angel *cough* Roxanne.  It's surprising to think she is now around 6 years old and she has been in my life since February of 2008, doing her crazy little chattering, her incessant reminders that it is time for food, or petting, or onto the porch, or back in from the porch.    

Roxie, also known as Roxanne-Roxanna-Danna, BooBoo, Pigpen -she's a total mess 24-7, she's always wearing some twig or lintball or whatever she finds in her travels- and Miss Thang, has taken on a stalker-like behavior towards her male human who happens to be wildly allergic to cats.  She sits by the door and waits for him to come in when she hears his truck.  She nags him through the bathroom door if he happens to get it shut before she gets there.  She parks herself on the bathmat while he's showering, refusing to budge an inch for him to get out of the shower.  She chatters incessantly to him whenever he's been gone from her, and outright cusses him through closed doors until he opens them for her.  She is one hilarious and charming kitty and she absolutely rules this household.

Me, I'm the mama.  She knows that, and she knows exactly where the food is coming from and who does the cat box and who lets her in and out and up and down and whatever else is required, or I am notified by an obvious airy blink and irritated tail-flicking. I am to be bossed around and straightened-out because as a human, I never get it right.  My toes and nose are subject to nipping if I am tardy waking up to feed her and I am not to touch her royalness in manners she deems unacceptable, such as brushing her or trimming her 12,000 claws. My fingers are the subject of endless teething, apparently she uses them to sharpen her fangs, though she's always careful never to poke any actual holes.   

She is a very outspoken and demanding little girl, and we happily pretend to be put in our places by her antics.  She's a born mama, tending to any cats who come in the house, and stretching out protectively near any who don't feel well. She has a full time "brother", Niko, and they play raucously, usually starting around 1am. She's a joy and a delight and I'm so glad she is mine. :)

About Roxanne's History: She was a diabetic in foster care with Connie when I found her posts.  She hasn't needed insulin since she was with Connie, and is completely diet controlled.  


  1. That is an AWESOME update!!! What a lucky girl and lucky family.

    Oh and about the snot - mom isn't sure what is better...snot on the windows or snot on the person (Ivy has what we call "permasnot" and likes to wait until she is in mom's lap to sneeze). MOL

  2. That is an awesome update. Not only did you do a fantastic job fostering but you got her a great home!

    And as for the snot, we understand your pain. One of our cats has chronic sinus problems and we find it all over the windows, the walls, and the furniture. The hardest part is getting it off.


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