Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I should curse this web cam...

She makes a good pillow!

Sleepy time

Plotting escape
Playing with mom

Playing chase

But I really can't. It makes me smile.  The boys keep looking over the side of the box last night, like they want out.  I picked them up and put them on the floor and they were AMAZED!!! it was so cute.  Momma let them be for a bit, but then came over and showed some concern so I put them back.  I think they are mid three week coming up on four considering how steady they are on their feet and how awake they are mid afternoon.

I thought more about calling the one boy Crookshanks which means I'd probably name the girl Hedwig.. but that leaves Scabbers for the other male, which I'm not fond of.    *shrug* they are young yet..


  1. OMC! Precious!!!

    Sure hope you are spared from Irene too!!!

  2. White kitties are my favorite. I draw lots of them!


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