Monday, August 8, 2011

talking to kittens

I'm starting to believe that cats understand a LOT more then we give them credit for.  There have been incidents with my own crew, but I've chalked that up to the whole spending so much time together thing.

The other day I was down with the four girls and I was watching TV.  I looked around and saw Lucy sitting in front of the water bowl. I don't spend a lot of time worrying about water for the kittens since they eat so much canned food and it is rare that I get a set of kittens that actually drinks water.. well she was sitting there patiently and I had to wonder if the bowl was empty so I asked her.  She looked at me, stood up, and then walked over to the bowl and stepped in it as if to say "YES! it is very much empty!!"   I couldn't help but laugh and I went over and filled it up. she took a lick and walked away.  I don't think she was thirsty, I think she just wanted it filled up - which is so like her.

Then today while I was down playing with them Sally was hanging back.  I get the distinct impression that she is much like a 4-5 yr old kid hanging out with 8 yr olds.  She wants to play but they overwhelm her.  So she sat on the side lines.  After a few minutes she started backing away then turned around but she was doing it a bit oddly.  The best way to describe it would be if another kitten jumped on her, but there was no one around her.  I called her name and she perked right up, turned on a dime and RAN towards me.  We snuggled for a bit and then climbed up on the couch.  I gave her a mouse to play with to build up her confidence, but after a few minutes she did want to play with the bigger kittens.  she didn't want to jump down from the couch, so she ran over to the window seat (which is higher up) and tried to jump down,  so I called to her again and told her to come back and she squeaked and ran right over to me.  It was just the cutest thing.

Kate and Pip have made HUGE strides.  Kate has adjusted to Bug just fine.  Pip is a little upset by the whole thing.  She's growling pretty easily at things.. but she's not hiding.  DH came in and sat with them for a bit and was able to pat Kate's belly.    I had to trim their claws because they were drawing blood.  I thought Kate would hate that more, but it was Pippa who ended up in the burrito.  There was also no poop in their litter boxes today.. I know raw causes things to be dramatically less and is very healing to the colon, so hopefully things are back on the right track.  They ate like fiends this evening so I don't think that they are having issues.. but I will be keeping a close eye on things.

Edited because I just remembered the Jack incident.  I was sitting on the couch and he was on the arm trying to be cool (it was leather, so it was a little hard for him to perch like he wanted) Jack is a jealous boy, and likes it when I give him attention in front of the other kitties.  I was talking to him and told him I wanted him to give me a kiss.  Well this isn't something he normally does, leaning in for me to kiss him, and again he was perched on leather and he was having a hard enough time keeping his footing, but I kept asking him, and he turned and leaned in and let me kiss him.  It was so sweet.

and Happy World Cat Day!

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  1. Happy World Cat Day!! I agree with you, my crew is SMART! Some more so than others...hee hee.

    we hope to be up to speed commenting by next week...secretaries...sheesh.


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