Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet Momma...

She was a stray from a local town.  I believe she came in after she gave birth.  She went into one foster home with little kids and was overly protective of her kits.  The description I got was she was "feisty".  The parents started taking her away from her kits so that their kids could play with them.  That was not going over well with her, and she made sure it did not go over well with them, and they returned her.

She then went home with a staff member.  She was good there for a bit, but after some time became protective and she came back to the shelter to try again.  No kids here, no serious threat to her kits, so I think she'll be OK.

I put her in Kate and Pippa's bathroom, and she came right out of the cage.  I was in and out setting up clean litter and food etc.  She growled a few times, but I think it was more at my cats sitting outside the room.  As soon as I set everything up I left her alone for a while.

I went back in with the camera.  I asked her permission to take her photo - and the one above is the one I got.    I sat with her for a bit. She seemed to want *something* but I couldn't figure out what.  So I asked her if I could take a photo of her kittens, and she didn't run and hide them, so I took that as consent.

No idea who is what...just that I've got three kittens, two red and one black.  Not horribly shocking looking at her coloring.  If I had to guess (which would be little more then a coin toss) I am thinking I have two boys and a girl.

So I took a second photo...
Um, you only asked for one!
Notice Momma coming into the shot...
go away.
she looks a lot more upset then she really was.  She was just concerned that I was looking at her kits and went in.  no meow, no hiss.  Not sure why her mouth is open.

I left her alone for a couple of hours, then went to check on her.  She hadn't eaten nor done much of anything else.  She came  out to see me, and again seemed to want *something*  I was leery of patting her due to her history of "biting' (not that she bit anyone, just bit at) so I was very careful.  She started purring and making biscuits. At one point she laid down as if to ask that I rub her belly, to which I told her there was no way I was going to risk that - so she got back up and put her front paws on my lap.  I did my best to ignore the kittens.  I gave her tons of complements, which wasn't hard, and complemented her for making such fat healthy looking babies.  She seemed proud. She kept checking on them through the air holes in the crate, but then would turn around and ask for more attention.

Finally I felt she was wanting to go check on her babies again but didn't want to do that while I was there.  Not sure of her thinking on that one, but I'm not about to question her.  So I told her I was going to leave so she could go be with her babies, and she turned and went right to her kits before I even started to get up off the floor.  She's a smart one.

No idea what I'm going to call her. No idea what to call the kits.  I figure when I move her down to the kitten room on Sunday I'll see what their genders are.


  1. awwwww - she is lucky to be at your house. Mom loves the first picture - we have a picture of a momma cat making a similar expression that cracks mom up every time. :) After all the moving around, she probably just needs some reassurance that she and the kits are safe. Good luck with her.

  2. Sweet babies and a lovely mom! Love the tongue shot. LOL. We hope she settles in quickly and feels safe!

  3. Ok, I'm a bit put-off that the family she was initially with would make life any more stressful for her :"The parents started taking her away from her kits so that their kids could play with them." I'd be pretty "feisty" too!
    Glad she told them what was what and glad she is with you!


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