Monday, August 1, 2011

Complement therapy

So yesterday I went in to see Kate and Pippa, and Kate hissed at me yet again.  I decided to work on some complement therapy.  It feels so silly doing it, coming up with five to ten minutes of complements for a kitten who wants to be no where near you (there is only so many times you can say "Kate is such a pretty kitty" but I got through it, and so did Kate.  She wasn't happy about it and ran right back into the carrier.  But when I went back in later she was out.  hiding behind the toilet, but still "out" considering Kate.
If you can see me, then I'm being social ~Kate

Pippa likes to play
I did get Kate to run after the toy, but she was still very hesitant.  She's run out and then realize she was in the 'great wide open' and became visibly uncomfortable and would turn and go back behind the toilet.  But then she'd turn right back around and stalk the toy again.  She has some self confidence issues so if Pippa is playing she won't try.

A few minutes later my husband came in.  Well wasn't I shocked to the point of having to pick my chin up off my chest when Kate ran right over to check him out!!!
Well OK she waited until he sat down... but it was still pretty amazing and a real wow moment.  Apparently DH has a way with the ladies..   Kate circled him several times.. sniffing him then leaving and standing behind the storage bag of cat food (not far) then going back and walking behind him and around him and sniffing him.  After about the fifth go round I gave him the toy to try to encourage them.  Pippa needed no encouragement...
Weee!!  ~Pippa
As I got up to feed them, Kate put a paw on my husband's leg.  Even he was amazed.


  1. Apparently hissy female kittens like ALL guys. :) Glad she is getting a little more social. You will look back at some point and smile at how far she has come.

  2. I'm already smiling at how far she's come. I keep reminding myself of that every time she hisses at me.

  3. Oh it is good that she is getting to be braver - it just takes some time!


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