Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Saying Goodbye

I often have to do things for kittens they don't like very much.  Medicating them, disciplining them, leaving them and going to work (oh those kittens are good at guilt trips when I leave the room - even if they were ignoring me the previous twenty minutes) but one of the hardest things I have to do is bring them back to the shelter when it freaks them out.

I try to prepare them by bringing them to work.  Leaving the safety of the room they have been in, going and exploring another place, and then coming back often makes going back to the shelter easier for them.  Unfortunately Kate and Pippa didn't get much out of the one trip to work they did get, and they were NOT amused at all the smells (the other cats, the cleaners) and the sounds (those dogs are no where near them but still you can hear them) and were petrified.  Kate went to the darkest corner of the cage and 'hid' in the litter box.  Pippa pretty much froze in place with wide eyes with that petrified stare.

They put them in the cage with Bug since they are going to keep them all on a grain free diet, so hopefully Bug will be able to convince them that everything will be OK.  She was very relaxed, as she has been there and done that, and was purring and flirting with the staff.

I did write ups for them.  I did one for Bug, and then one for Kate and one for Pippa, and then one for Kate AND Pippa, and told them I think they should be adopted together, but since what happened last time with Peter and Tinsel, I wanted to cover my bases.  I really hope there is that special someone who comes right along for them.  They will eventually make great cats, even if they aren't the most ideal kittens.

I also told the Staff to put a note in Bug's file that if she is adopted and returned to call me because she will have a home with me.  It won't be fair to my cats, but I can't just stand by and not give her a stable home if there isn't one out there for her.

As I was driving home, turning into the street my home is on, I saw this.. 

By the time I took this photo, I realized it was a full rainbow, going from one side of the development to the other.  On the far side, the rainbow seemed to be starting over again (not really a double, but reds and yellows after the blue and purple)   I ran in for my good camera, and took a ton of shots and then just sat there watching it for a while.  It did turn into a double (again on the far side) which I jokingly called a triple because of the extra red.    The sky did some amazing things, and I just sat there in wonder because it hadn't rained for hours.  We did get downpours all day, but it had stopped in the early afternoon.    To me it was a very special rainbow.. and I hope my other camera did it justice.


  1. It is so hard to take kittens back. We want them to find good homes but I know for me, it is hard to think of them going from the house to a cage. Maybe the rainbow is a sign....

  2. Purrs from the boys for wonderful forever homes!

    Re: my post about Annie on the Musings blog--no, that image came from an image-creation site. I can't even draw a decent stick person. You just upload your photo(s) into your "scene" of choice. I did quite a few for Annie and Chumley, actually.


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