Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hedwig used the box all on her own

I iz big grl!

I could do that if I wanted.. ~Fawkes
I walked in last night and someone had used the kitten box, I assumed Hedwig.  And low and behold a little while later she crawled right in the box and started going pee again.   Crookshanks backed himself into the corner behind the couch and started crying the "I'm learning how to pee and I'm about to pee" cry.  So I reached over and grabbed him and stuck him in the litter box and he peed too.  :) 

Fawkes is developing a pretty significant dewlap and it is absolutely killing me with cuteness.  It hard to see, but when you pat his little belly there is quite a bit of extra skin.  He is still very much a laid back kitty, which also kills me because he just sits there looking all cute (see above).  And the boys have a fort (the carrier) and when Hedwig joins in and they leave.  They love playing with her, but they definitely have "BOYS ONLY" moments..

and watching Crookshanks run... O.. M.. C... seriously, this kitty had me rolling on the floor laughing because he has to waddle because of his belly and when he runs...


  1. Hedwig, what a good girl you are! Yay!

    And yay for Crookshanks too--hopefully he and Fawkes catch on quickly. :-)

  2. Oh, they are growing up so FAST! Pretty soon they'll want the run of the house...

  3. Go Hedwig, go! Those kittens are so cute.


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