Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednsday


  1. Couldn't find an email for you, so am replying here.

    Thanks for the comment re: the diet changes. I don't think I have a problem with eggs...cheese, yeah. All grains, yep. I'm not sure what my various medical tests will show, if anything, but I suspect a lot of it is diet-related.

    I would find it hard to give up bread (not store-bought bread, but homemade biscuits, dumplings in stew, etc.) and also sweets. I have a HUGE sweet tooth. I did go 3 years without refined sugar, doing the GI diet, but boy, you couldn't be around me, eating all the whole grains. I know I have a problem with those! LOL.

    I also have heard that soy is not the be-all and end-all it's touted to be these days.

    I've heard of the paleo diet, though can't do high fat because of the gall stones. I do need animal fat, though, especially first thing in the day. Berries for breakfast wouldn't cut it. LOL.

    I'll do some Googling, had done a bit already this week, but haven't had a lot of time to really hunt.

    Thanks so much!

    -Kim (Musings on a Small Life)

  2. P.S. Always love to see the foster kitten pics, even though I don't always comment (from Fuzzy Tales).

  3. Anonymous4:58 AM

    Not trying to be picky but isnt it Wednesday? :P


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