Monday, August 29, 2011

Working with Minerva & Irene aftermath

She wasn't really in the mood to work when I took this, and it didn't help that I had my hands full with the camera and the clicker. Usually she's jumping right up, not putting her feet up and thinking about it.  Hedwig is all out and about and in the action.  She's a real go getter that girl and is usually right under foot telling me about her life.. sounds just like her mom..

Minerva has not "gone after" me again since the incident with the oven mitt.  I've brought it with me a few times just to be safe, but I'm feeling a bit more confident that she knows that doing that is not acceptable and will not get her what she is after.  She also seems to think that by eating she is "dismissing" me, and that is my cue to leave which I usually take and do.  Fawkes is one interesting kitten. He's either incredibly laid back /lazy or just not interested in the world outside of his bed.  I need to get some picts of him.  I also noticed this morning he's building up quite a "pouch" or dulap on his lower belly.. I've said from the time I got them they are going to be big cats.. And since they are just starting their fourth week and they are already well over a pound...

Then Irene hit.  I can't believe my Sunday post didn't post.  *shrug*  We didn't fair too badly.  We lost power at 2:30 PM after having the lights flicker a few times.  Didn't come back till almost 2:30 the next morning.  We *had* to go out to eat because frankly we didn't want to eat cold food and we weren't grilling in that wind.

Speaking of the wind..

It really was way more impressive in real life. Best if viewed full screen, but even then you miss a lot of the trees in the back ground being whipped around.  Once Irene hit, most of the cats calmed right down.  I felt oh so very thankful they were all indoors and all safe and sound.  Having Minerva in the house kept making me think of all the poor kitties who were out in that storm with out a home.. I'm sure there were quite a few with kittens..   *sigh*  I do what I can.

I stopped by the shelter that the shelter was volunteering at to make it pet friendly.  There were no pets there.  A little sad on one hand, but really great on the other.  Nice that no one needed to leave their home, but sad that the staff had nothing to do.  There were a few people at the people part of the shelter, but not nearly as many as you would think for a "hurricane" (OK fine, it was a tropical storm by the time it hit us)  Odd thing was that the worst of it for me was once it was gone past us.  That is when the wind really picked up and took out the power.  I am lucky though, two of my co-workers are still with out power.  For the most part you wouldn't know a hurricane even hit us.  There were a few tree limbs down on the roads, but not nearly as many as some of the storms that have passed through here.

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  1. We're glad Irene's effects were minimal, all in all, and that you all weathered it just fine, in spite of the power loss.

    You live in a lovely rows of townhouses or busy intersections, no highway 401 visible from your windows...::wistful sigh::

    BTW, feel free to come here and train the boys! Boy, that video with Minerva was impressive, IMO. Oh, I don't let the boys get up on the counters or dining table in my presence, but that's pretty much it. LOL. Mind you, Annie and Chumley were really good about coming in from the back space when I asked them. Most of the time I didn't even have to say anything, would just stand there and look at them in an I-mean-business sort of way. Nicki and Derry? Ha. Nicki's too contrary and Derry's too...uh, well, dull-witted. (Just another pretty face, is my Derry-Bear.)

    So no real training for any of my kitties!


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