Saturday, August 20, 2011

Two boys and a girl

well Momma has got to have some Siamese in her.  She talks and talks.. I get the impression of an Italian woman who likes to talk with her hands..  she really is quite a charater.

When she was eating, I asked if I could look at the babies and she didn't object, so I pulled them out one by one.  They are so incredibly fat considering how thin she is.  The two orange kittens are boys the black one is a girl.  One boy makes me think of a fur covered sausage and the other a plump little meat ball.  The "sausage" has a pretty bad kink in his tail pretty close to the base.  I don't think it will impede him in anyway, but I am going to keep an eye on it.

I didn't want to have them out long, so I just got a good look at them and put them back before they squeaked too much.  Two bordering on three weeks of age, they aren't going to be content sitting in that carrier for too much longer.  I can see it in the boys; they want to explore

(LOL.. I'm watching "ThunderCats, and WileyKit and Kat just beg meowed at Lion-O to go with them... it was so spot on it made me smile.  around second 29 in this promo will show it to you if you are interested.  It was better in the episode (#2) cause it was a bit longer)

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