Thursday, May 17, 2012

Apple Apple Apple

it is kind of interesting how that last post worked out.  I saw a boat load of cute photos and the title popped into my head, and then I posted them in order of taking them... not even really considering that it looks like Apple is hiding out while the others were playing.

She was out and about playing but most of the photos of her were blurry or she was partially out of frame.  Then she saw my hands and ran and hid..

Apple is progressing very nicely.  Last night I went and watched some TV with them last night and they wanted food so I fed them.  They ate a little and ignored the rest.  They played and wrestled, and then jumped up on me which was fun.  Pumpkin is all about the Pumpkin, so he thinks it is awesome that I want to pat him.  Cherry is all about fun, and she just likes being in the middle of things, so she's OK with it too.  Apple doesn't like to be left out or left behind so she tags along, dragging her feet, looking at me like she'd kinda wish I would go away, but then she snuggles in between her sibs and doesn't really notice the hand sneak over for a pat and as long as she doesn't realize what is happening she kinda likes it.  When she does realize what is happening she still kinda likes it but she expects things to go horribly wrong at any moment and tenses up and waits for it.

after some more playing and running around we settled down to watch a movie.  Apple on my hip, Pumpkin on my chest and Cherry on my shoulder.  I was a little uncomfortable so I moved Apple closer to her siblings and she took the move just fine and settled down on my chest / in the nook of my arm.  I think she liked the fact that I was warm.  Cherry thought this all meant it was time to nurse and kept looking around for a nipple which was a little funny, but eventually she settled down as well.. which of course was about the time my bladder decided it needed to explode.. :)

My husband even came in and no one ran and hid.  He reached out and patted them, and all but Apple was totally fine with it.  She does that hunker down / freeze thing that kittens and rabbits do when they are scared.

One thing I did learn though, putting Apple on her back is simply RIGHT OUT!!

is it so wrong that I just love kitten swear words so much?


  1. Hahaha. Thanks for clearing that up! The last post really looked like Pumpkin and Cherry were having the time of their lives and Apple was...well, Apple.
    So glad she's adjusting well and hopefully she realize that hands aren't a bad thing after all. :)

  2. Oh good, I'm glad she's coming around. That last photo of her made her look so sad and scared.

  3. Kitten swear words are so inventive! I overdid on the cute in the last post and couldn’t comment ;)


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