Saturday, May 12, 2012

And they are gone..

Well I brought the kittens to the shelter today to go up for adoption during their "Kitten Shower" fundraiser.  There was a lot of people there and I took a slew of photos which I'll share soon.  I also took a bunch of pictures of the kittens before they left which I'll also share soon.

I did want to share that I'm absolutely floored at how their adoptions went.  I was so certain that raw feeding was going to be such a turn off that they would be at the shelter for quite some time.  I set them up in a cage and then went to check out the kitten shower then started re-arranging the foster kitten supplies.  Very quickly I was asked to come answer some questions about raw.  The very couple had some great questions and were considering Petra and or Miriam.  She had two torties at home already.  I was once again so sure that raw feeding was going to do the adoption in, but after a short amount of time they had decided on taking both of them!!!!  how freakin awesome!!  Then before that adoption was done, there was another woman with two boys who had questions.  Turns out that she had decided to take Moose and Squirrel.  say what?? all four kittens with special needs adopted in just under two hours? (spoken for in just over one) I was floored.  Moose & Squirrel are going to be the only pets in the house.  One of the boys said that one of the cats is going to have to be Tom which had me giggling.  This wasn't the record for fastest adoption of a litter ever, but it comes in second and since it had the added burden of food issues... well lets just say I'm horribly impressed.

I'm sad, cause I miss them, but since I can't own them all, and I can't find a single thing (other then the fact that they aren't here with me) to complain about, I'm sure in a day or two I'll be very happy about it all.

(in fact I've already heard from one of the owners *Yea!*)

and with all the TBA already mentioned, I'm going to leave you with this.  I have new kittens.  I saw two sets ready to go into foster care and took photos of them before the shelter picked out one to come home with me.  I'm going to post them both and tell you later which ones I actually have.. ;)

Group one:
Group Two:


  1. Happy Mother's Day to a very successful Foster Mommy!

  2. I am so glad they have been adopted, and together so they have playmates.
    aww look at those two groups, Looks like group two need some extra special love!

  3. Brilliant news. Your powers of persuasion are awesome!

  4. Group 1 or Group 2: It's a win/win!

  5. What a great mother's day gift! Your awesome babies going home in pairs! :)

    But I see you will have some lovely new nibblets to fill the void! :) If you get updates on your raw fed pairs, please keep us in the loop.... I feel somewhat invested in those kittens even though I never met them! :)

  6. That is SO cool that they found homes just like that! :-)


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