Monday, May 21, 2012

Messy mess boys

I'm reusing this photo to remind you of the fact that this carrier is pretty much their whole world right now.  I let them out for "walking practice" when I feed them but for the most part they are sleeping or just hanging out in their carrier.  They are rarely vocal.  When they see me coming they cry out for food, but they have yet to cry out before seeing me.

But when they are out, they are out, and they do NOT want to sit still for ANYTHING! and most certainly not to go pee.  Darn it I can walk why would I want to pee??

*rolls eyes*

which of course means their bladders get full and as a result "overflow happens".  (seriously, I try.  but they don't wanna, and they don't scruff)

Yesterday the constipation ended (the result of low input.. no input no output) and I got things "started" with Simon.. well he was so done with it all after two seconds and squirmed out of position and started walking away.. yes, with a ... what.. flag on his tailpipe??  (and yes, I think this post is funnier with the euphemisms)

Well I grabbed him and "helped" him (I didn't need any help lady!! I'm walking here!) and things seemed OK.  His brother doesn't mind going pee, but he has been so dehydrated he hasn't had to go much at all.  I "peed" him and put him down to walk around and a moment or two later I realized that he was no longer constipated either and we had yet another flag/tailpipe going on.  I forgot how annoying this part of bottle babies can be.

I was glad that it was firm and cleaned right up (Robyn is right, firm poop is something to celebrate) and put them to bed.

This morning their bedding was SOAKED with urine.. Fine, whatever... change out the bedding, feed them, pee them, head to work.  Their mid morning feeding went with out incident.. their afternoon feeding... well let me remind you of the title of this blog post..   *sigh*

along with "overflow" we had a pile and a mess.  and now we all need baths..


I do have some awesome photos of them, but none of them together.  I'll get them edited and get them up as soon as I can..


  1. Oh they are just darling. I am glad they are coming along. I find it interesting that they will pee on their own terms. :-)

  2. The phrase "practice walking" makes me laugh and tear up in a crazy AWWW, sort of way.

    Now, 'flags' on the 'tailpipe' and "I didn't need any help, lady, I'm walking here...." that's pure ROFL territory!

  3. Ah yes boys will be boys

  4. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Thats a little bit funny that they pee when they want lol. Boys! They're so teeny and so so adorable!

  5. Oh good lord, I haven't had bottle babies in forEVER, and in some weird way you're making me want some! :) Heheh.

  6. Well, I guess that means they are doing better and you pulled them through. A good but messy sign.

  7. That really made me laugh. I don't foster much, but the most recent 2 were bottle fed and thankfully, they weren't at all messy. Oh yeah, both were girls. :)


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