Saturday, May 19, 2012

fur and bones with a little meow thrown in

Go ahead, call me paranoid.  I'm used to it at this point.

Poor little gray and white.. This morning I was so worried about him.  his brother ate almost 30ccs of formula until his belly was twice the size of his head (it is a riot to look at) and then went off for walking practice.  His brother didn't even wake up.  Just laid on his side somewhere between breathing and gasping.

he ate on his own which was encouraging, but ate barely 3ccs before he became tired.  Holding him after holding his brother is hearbreaking because he feels about a week behind in development and there is little more then fur and bones at this point... except a little meow he throws around when I'm trying to clean out his eyes or stick ointment in them.  His little hip bones are barely wider then my thumbnail.. his fur coat is two sizes too large for him.. he's dehydrated, and he was just sitting there.

So I emailed the shelter to update.  They don't have anything else to offer me for support.  I'm very glad I have the ability to tube feed him because with out it I'm sure I'd be going bald trying to get him to eat.

I just left them for their dinner and he ate almost 12ccs on his own.  It took several breaks but it was so heart warming.  He is also starting on walking practice!!  granted it is slow and cumbersome, but it was nice to see him explore.

So.. woods meet light at end of tunnel.. Decks - I WILL unstack you!


  1. Sending love and purrs for the both of them...and PURRseverance for you.

  2. Sending lots and lots of positive thoughts!! Bless you!

  3. We are over here pulling for the little guy - and you, too. Purrs coming your way.

  4. Looks like you are winning the battle. I hope the little guy gets better x


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