Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rejuv-a-wafers - a review

Full disclosure - I was contacted by Rejuva-a-wafers and asked if I would like to try their product since they were doing a 'relaunch' of their chlorella based wafers.  Once again I found this highly interesting that a company that makes a plant based product would contact me and ask me to review their product.  I asked questions including the ingredient list (Chlorella, lecithin (soy based), eleuthero; since she didn't specifically say organic lecithin or organic soy when I asked about it, I have to assume it is Genetically Modified soy since 91% grown in the US is but if it is completely made in Japan, then maybe it isn't but I couldn't figure out exactly where it was made.  Since the company name is Sun Chlorella USA, it really is a toss up.)

I personally take chlorella which is a single celled algae which has been called a 'super food', and eleuthero is Siberian Ginseng which may also support the body by helping the liver detoxify harmful toxins. I figured it couldn't hurt them to try it, and to say I was intrigued about why they thought cats would eat it.

During the email exchange, I dropped one of my chlorella tablets and Jack ate it, so when my questions were answered I said sure, why not.

It arrived last week.

What was in the box that showed up
what was in the bag
the wafers & Jack - always around when there might be food which to him is ALWAYS
sniff sniff sniff
tentative take
I don't know if you can see it, but it is just hanging from his lips
so I tossed it on the floor - and no takers
So I broke it up into pieces.  It breaks pretty easily but leaves LOTS of debris on your hand
This pretty much sums up The Crew's opinion
 Being plant based with no meat to help entice the kitties, I couldn't see them eating it.  I was surprised Jack ate my tablet before so I thought he might, but even he was a no go.  Is this a good product?  *shrug*  I saw no research on why it would be good for an obligate carnivore with limited capacity to digest and get nutrients from plant based ingredients.  If they simply said "well it is good for humans so there for it must be good for cats and dogs since it isn't toxic to them so lets sell it and make money" well then I'd say no.  I really hate that sort of reasoning.  I can't confirm nor deny that was their thinking since I don't really see anything specific one way or the other on their website. I've seen no research that it does the same in cats or dogs that it does in humans - but that does not mean it doesn't exist. Here is their pitch to me: 

Rejuv-A-Wafers aid in purifying your pets' body of dangerous toxins and chemicals, helping to improve overall appearance, health and well-being. The benefits of Rejuv-A-Wafers come from a blend of an abundance of beta-carotene, chlorella, (a whole food green algae)  and eleuthero, a natural energy-boosting herb.
Rejuv-A-Wafers are used and recommended by America’s top breeders and veterinarians because the product is not loaded with artificial flavors and fillers. Your pets will love the delicious, wholesome flavor, and you will love your pet's visible good health.

Well you can see the marketing spin in over time here.  Your pet's body doesn't just have toxins, they have "dangerous" toxins.  Since this product is recommended by "America's top breeders" conveniently unnamed, and "veterinarians" again unnamed, you would think that is a good thing, but if you notice, they don't recommend it because of what is in it, but what is not.  And seven cats over here, and not one of them thought the flavor was delicious .. and since they aren't all in to wholesome for their treats, I can't really attest to that.

But I can tell you I brought the second sample pack into work and gave it to a co-worker who has dogs.  She said her dogs LOVED them, and she was happy that it was Made in Japan (again not really sure what exactly is made in Japan but that label is on the box) and not in China, and happily took the box to give it to them.

Summery: One human shrug and seven paws down.


  1. Hm, interesting. I wonder if they would eat them mashed up into some wet food. (Of course, that negates the wafer/treat effect.)

  2. My crew had the same reaction...I sent mine to Marg to feed to her donkeys!

  3. What I found out was that, if a product WAS made in Japan, it would be clearly stated. But if the package has japanese words but does not state where it was made, then it highly likely made in China...
    Thank you for the very honest review. :)

  4. No Japanese words.. It said it was "Made in Japan"

  5. LOL @ Trish’s comment!!!

    Well that was a pretty thorough review !!

  6. They contacted us also & we declined, but now they won't stop asking us to do the review!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  7. Make that 28 paws down? Ha ha ha ha!

  8. Anonymous6:27 PM

    chlorella is actually really good for cats-IF you can get them to eat it

  9. Looks like this relaunched rejuv-a-wafers product by Sun Chlorella doesn't have that interesting smell or taste for the pets that would make them drool and ask for one. I guess, they just have to stick with their product like supplement for human beings. I was able to compare it to my own brand of chlorella supplement and I guess the health benefits these supplements provide are mostly the same.

  10. Anonymous5:31 PM

    My older cat, whom I really wanted to have the chlorella and other supplements, doesn't like this stuff so I mix it in with her daily treat of StarKist or Chicken of the Sea tuna, but first mash the wafer into the tuna juice until it is part of the liquid. Then she eats it.

    But my other cat, 4 years old, who has recently seemed a bit lethargic and has a problem with his back legs, loves the wafers and craves them like the best treats. I am thrilled about this, as I am hoping these wafers will help him feel better too.

    BTW, the human Sun Chlorella cleared up a bronchial problem I had for months, practically overnight.

  11. Chlorella would act like a replacement for the grass cats would eat. I have one cat that actually ate all of mine that were on the counter one day, and that's why I asked my alternative vet about them. She said it was great so I give it to all that will eat it. Four of my five cats love them and so do my dogs. In my opinion, animals DO have "dangerous" toxins. There are toxins in regular cleaning products, which people use on their floors (not me though--I use vinegar), there are toxins on furniture (flame retardants), bedding and blankets for pets, all of our clothes and shoes, etc (unless organic and GOTS certified!), the food they eat (unless raw or completely organic and not in a can) contains toxins...the list goes on!! Most people walk their dogs and could care less if the dog walks in fertilized grass--I won't let my dogs walk any grass except my own... So...There are indeed toxins everywhere and, as a mom of two very sick kids from lyme and mold, I DO understand how many toxins there are and chlorella is a good way for people to remove toxins. I feel that this is a good product and should be part of a pets daily regimen, especially if they get commercial food. By the way, the soy is non-GMO, as stated on their website.

  12. I forgot to mention, I just give my cats the sun chlorella for people, not the one for pets.

  13. I have video of the reaction to the Sun Chlorella Pet Wafers from my two adopted cats. https://youtu.be/RtYWMuvOhqw Funny thing about my cats, I will serve them cat food but they will wait to see if I give them left overs first. Then they eat the cat food. Sun Chlorella USA sells products that are made in Japan. None of their products are made from China.

  14. I've read, read & reread everything I can find on the subject, after receiving an ad from Sun Chlorella. My 8 1/2 year old GSD does not seem to have the energy I think he should. I don't know if it is personality, because he was a rescued abused dog or because he needs something he isn't getting. anyway, i didn't feel I was getting enough information from what I was reading anywhere so I decided to go w/ human Chlorella sprinkled over his food. I am also going to "sprinkle" it on mine to see what it will do for me. You might say this is an odd research project but what the heck. I could use more energy & detoxing myself. I'll let you know what I find out.


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