Monday, May 7, 2012

Fleurp's Recheck

Fleurp went to the vet again this morning for a follow up to her anemia.  While she is doing much better in terms of her blood work, we still have no idea exactly what is going on.  My lovely vet says her body is attacking her red blood cells and that she will most likely be on pred for the rest of her life.  He's thinking a very low does of 1/2 tab twice a week or so.

I have to wonder why it took two years for her to get to this state again.  Is it because she eats such a great diet and that helps?  or is it her diet is so lacking in nutrients? (that one I don't think so, and when I mentioned giving B-12 shots to her he said he didn't think it would be much more then a placebo in her case)

I hate her on pred.. she gets so... round.. Her belly has always been expansive on her little body but on pred it really starts to feel like she is pregnant with a basketball.  If I do keep her up on the pred life time, hopefully the dose will be so low that it won't be an issue. and hopefully it won't cause diabetes..


You do what you have to do.  I don't think it is fair to have her cycle every two years to such extremes (and I can't count on it being two years again, who knows if it will take less time, or more *shrug* I so hate unknowns)  You have to fight the bug you know and that is in front of you, and deal with the rest as it comes.


  1. Purrs for Fleurp...Maybe there will be another option at some point. Paws crossed, at any rate.

    Yes, you do what you have to do...and you just do your best and hope like h*ll it's the right decision. :-/

  2. awww....poor lil Fleurp! Hope you feel better soon! The pred tablets are at least better than the steroid shots.... My Armand became diabetic after a steroid shot :(

  3. How frustrating! I am not a fan of pred, but thankfully 1/2 tab twice per week is a very low dose. I know you have only her best interests in mind--and you're right, sometimes you gotta bit the bullet and try something.

  4. A random question: how do you pronounce Fleurp's name (and how did she get her name)?

  5. It's not all that random, I'm a little surprised no one asked prior to this..

    Fleurp.. kind of like fleur-de-lis with a p sound at the end.. like you might pronounce urp..

    How did she come up with that name?? I have NO idea. I saw her at the shelter one day when I was picking up supplies for another litter. She called to me from across the room (with out a sound, her head was down and she was in a meatloaf position) and I forgot all logic and reason. I told the staff I wanted to foster her, but I couldn't take her just then because she had just come in and they hadn't been able to test her or do an evaluation. So I told them I really wanted her, and went off to work. I got the call a bit later to go pick her up and I left work and went and got her.

    I know the exact spot in the road her name came to me, like a shot out of the dark, "and I shall call her Fleurp!" and that was all there was.. (but I originally was thinking Flurp, but I think the E makes it much more elegant in a Fleurpy sort of way)
    For some of her first picts, for the story of her being fostered..

  6. Oh, that's exactly how I guessed it was pronounced. :-) Wow, that was some eye scab/wound she had! But she sure was an adorable, big-eyed kitten.


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