Sunday, May 27, 2012

A few last photos..

When I stopped in the shelter I asked about Meira.  Apparently she has finally found her forever home and went home on the 21st!  YAY Meira!
Here are a few photos of their time at work making a mess being socialized
A few through the web cam
and a few from my last visit to the shelter to see them.
They were happy to see me, but they are happy to see anyone who will give them some attention, and I'm OK with that no I'm not really.  They went up for adoption yesterday and I'm sure they are in their new homes now.  I hope they are doing well, and I so hope their new owners stop by and say hi.

While I was givin lovins to them, I saw a few other kitties in the back waiting to be processed.  These are kitties who either just came in and haven't been tested or evaluated or there is something going on with them (sickness, bit someone, etc) I fell in love with everyone back there.  First there was this big boy (I believe his name was Rico) who was making air biscuits just under the Pie's cage..
This vocal boy (above) was a riot.  I LOVE the fact that it looks like he dipped his nose in paint..
This sweet kitty (below) came in with kittens (not sure if they came pre surrender or post)
The incredibly heartbreaking realization is that these are also her kittens
They apparently came from a hoarding type situation and no one stopped her from breeding.  What kills me, what makes me have to stop and take a breath before I get angry is these older kittens are so sick that the kitty on the left lost it's eyes.  Both were ruptured and needed to be removed.The rest of the kittens in the cage had eyes in various states of swollen gunk filled mess.

It breaks my heart that I can not save them all.


  1. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Yay Meira!
    And look at those new kitties. So sad that they came from such a horrible environment - will be praying they're destined for a much better one! xo

  2. WOW! You go from happy to terribly sad in one post! It must be a rollercoaster ride fostering. I am full of admiration xx

  3. Oh boy it breaks my heart also that these sweet kitties suffer through people's ignorance and stupidity!


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