Thursday, May 24, 2012

well that was fast..

*grumble grumble grumble*

So I brought the "Pies" in to work with me this morning.  I generally bring them on a Friday because I only work till 1, but I was hoping to take Friday off and since I had to run home to feed Simon and Shoe I figured they could come with me for a while.  I weighed them this morning and they were over the 2lb mark coming up on the 2.25 mark.  I figured I'd email the shelter and they would most likely be schedualed to come in next week..

I figured wrong.

I got a quick email back that the clinic was free and they could do them this afternoon or tomorrow morning..

wait.. what! bring them in NOW??

but have I told you how much I LOVE it when they get up on my lap and PURRR at me?? how fun it is to watch them pretend to be Mexican Jumping Beans and how I just love it when Apple comes over and sits on me all by herself..


Well they have to go back.. and better to do it quickly and get it over with

*sad face* oh Connie, get over it.  It isn't like Muffin wasn't planning a huge revolt at the fact you were spending way more time with kittens then with her (I can tell because it starts out with her sitting ON my face instead of my chest when it comes to lovin on Muffin time) and it isn't like you don't have kittens, and it isn't like you could keep them.. 

*sheepish face*  yea.. well.. I'm gonna miss them.. I always miss the lap kitties way longer then those that don't sit on my lap..


I have a few days of cute picts schedualed for them so you'll keep seeing them the rest of this week, then there is the fun "I visited the office" stories..


  1. never fails - they are ready WAY before we are...... good luck kittens!

  2. Oh we are gonna miss them too.

  3. So long, little ones! Good luck and enjoy life!

  4. Oh wow, that's sad. I know they will be quickly snatched up since they are lap kitties.


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