Monday, May 14, 2012

Kitten Shower

One of the shelter's fundraising events is a "Kitten Shower" based on the premise of a baby shower.  They contact local groups and give a prize for the most donations - per pound.  So we get girl scout troops who buy bags and bags of clay litter and bleach because they are cheap and heavy - and every single bit of it gets used.. We also get lots of people stopping by with kitten type supplies, and then lots of others who stop buy with other random pet supplies (dog food/ toys, bird stuff, rabbit stuff).  It helps stock the shelves and it is always so incredibly heart warming to walk through the shelter after these types of events and see the shelves loaded up!

My day started out with these two adorable bunnies!  apparently three came in at just a few days old when their mother died.  The shelter manager bottle raised them.  While one did not make it, these two are doing very well and as a result of being hand fed are incredibly sociable.  I absolutely fell in love and I can't tell you how badly I wanted to take them home.. but alas, no bunnies for me (Skippy still suffers from bouts of bordatella)
kids crafting area
Main "Shower" area
Crafts for sale
Bake sale
Some of the raffle prizes
Kittens ready for adoption
Miriam still up for adoption
New beds for the cats
One of the 100 photos of Meira I took.
I think he likes the bed..
Meira says I go home now right?
Some of the cat trivia posted on the walls
Someone grew catnip to sell.
All gone!!
I'm assuming the winning troop (with all the donations up to that point)
Not the kittens I took home..
I was going to hold out till tomorrow to tell you which kittens came home with me, but I just love this shot!  that look says just about everything about what I'm dealing with. and they so need names!!


  1. Those bunnies are adorable! I'm not gonna let the peep see that picture though 'cause next thing I know, I'll have bunny siblings!

  2. That looks like a wonderful event! I hope they raised a good amount of money. And squeeeee to the newbies!

  3. I love this idea....the shelter where I volunteer has done it before and isn't this year (for reasons I can't understand and of course aren't expressed to anyone). YEAH for those donations (and girl scouts). Those kittens are adorable...and they look like trouble. :)

  4. What a fabulous idea and everything looked so intriguing, not the least all of those fuzzy bodies. We know lots of them got their forever homes which is wonderful. Next weekend Best Friends is sponsoring a huge adoptathon in our town which we volunteer for. We hope to have lots of adoptions too!

  5. Wow! Everything looks amazing!

    Thank you so much for your purrs and prayers for Tutu. They most certainly helped! :)


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