Monday, May 7, 2012

Feed Me, Pat Me, Play with ME!!!

It really is amazing what finding he right food will do for kittens.  Almost overnight they have become plump and heavy.  They sure do LOVE to eat, and they still swarm me when I get into the room, are under foot the entire way, singing and dancing until I put the food down.  Tonight I waited and watched them sing, and Squirrel got it in his head that I had already put the food down (mysteriously and miraculously across the room) and ran over to check.  This of course prompted everyone else to run over and check too, and boy weren't they disappointed when there was no food.

I am giving them double the food that I give my own cats.  They are growing kittens and they were a little behind the eight ball because of all of the diarrhea.  Even still they eat it up in no time and lick the plate clean.  Tonight I just felt so bad for them as they were still doing their singing and dancing as if asking for food.  They were so distracted with hunger that they weren't all that interested in the story of the end of their time with me.

I like to explain to kittens what they are about to face.  I know it is more for me then them, but I do think it makes a difference.  If it is just for me, I am OK with that.  I tell them about the trip to the vet (you are going to go to sleep and things will happen, but you'll recover before you know it) and how they'll go on display and how they need to pick out their new humans and the training they'll have to do with them, but how they'll get to sleep in beds and on people and get attention all the time..

Since they weren't listening all too well, I decided to give them some more food.  I ended up giving them a whole other meal and a few beef chunks, which they haven't had for a week, and oh wasn't that a hit!!!  Squirrel grabbed his and ran off and told the entire world to BACK OFF!!  *giggle* I just love a growly kitten..

When they were done they left a few bits behind.  Then they got all purry and up in my face.  Petra licked my cheek. Miriam sat on my lap.. and the boys were everywhere all at once.

I think they are happy :)

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  1. I love your stories. I too talk to our gang and tell them things, and also tell them to give us a sign if they need something or feel poorly.


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