Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Three little kittens

Three little kittens who very badly need names.  At this point I'm calling them Apple, Cherry and Pumpkin and grouping them as the "pies" simply because I was being silly and "pumpkin" is one of those terms of endearment I use a lot (along with pudding).

I'm sure you know who Pumpkin is.. he is the only boy.  Cherry is a girl and is the tri-colored tiger and Apple is.. well she's just stunning.  She's also freaked out of her gourd.

the staff gave them their deworming and vaccines and trimmed nails before they left.  I felt a little silly "letting them" since I do all of that on a regular basis, but Jen insisted, and well frankly it was probably a good thing since Apple drew blood more then once.  Did I mention she is freaked out of her gourd?

I brought them home and left them in the carrier while I cleaned up the room. They were perfectly happy sitting in there while I watched a little TV and did some major cleaning.  I felt a little bad till I realized they fell asleep.  When I was done, I attempted to do a little socalizing to see exactly what was going on.  Cherry and Pumpkin were mostly OK, but Apple was freaking out and freaking them out in the process.  So I took her out for a while, wrapping her in a towel for her safety and mine.  Being a bit older she could do some damage with her claws and teeth (even a week earlier I might not have used the towel.  She calmed a bit, but then freaked out again when my husband showed up so I put her back in the carrier with her siblings.

Cherry was the first to leave the carrier.  Pumpkin came next much to Apple's dismay.  Eventually she came out, and I ended up realizing that it isn't humans that freak her out, it is hands.  If she couldn't see my hands or if they weren't coming at her she was OK.  I can work with this.

These three were actually transported up from LA.  The shelter I work with routinely transports up dogs from high risk shelters.  The license laws are such that we don't have an over abundance of stray dogs, so mostly the dogs up for adoption are surrenders which aren't that many, so they are able to save many from other areas.  Fortunately the shelter, which is open admission, has such a high success rate (90% which rivals most "no-kill" shelters) that lately they have been "running low" on cats as well.  I heard from someone that they had contacted several other rescues in the area but none of them wanted to send cats to it because they weren't "no-kill"  Regardless of the stats, regardless of what they have accomplished and regardless of the fact that the shelter has spots to house cats and these rescues have a waiting list.    *sigh*  so the shelter where they get dogs sent up a number of cats.  These kittens came with a mom, but she was done with nursing and the kittens are old enough, so they came with out her while she stays at the shelter and gets the care she needs to put on some weight and will go up for adoption.  Unfortunately she was diagnosed with "lungworm" which I had never heard of before.  Since the kittens had some diarrhea the shelter gave me some panacur to give them for a few days to take care of any that infected them.  Apparently lungworm is a parasite that can get into the lungs and cause respiratory problems.  They look a lot like snakes too - kinda bizarre.  So hopefully with three days of panacur their parasites will be taken care of, and they'll start putting on weight, because right now they look like absolute waifs!  Pumpkin in particular looks very "kate moss"ish..
oozing attitude
you clean, we sleep, then we make mess
no hands please
I said, no hands!!!
I'm free!
What did you do with my sister??
What is my brother playing with??
I'm free!
Hey! Where did you go??
I come too
Don't you just love the tip of her tail?


  1. awwww - we know they are in good hands. purrs for their mommy....

    it does surprise me that some rescue are just so wound up about things that they can't see that asking or getting help is ok....sigh....

  2. What precious babies! And you're right about the attitude. :D

  3. Awwwww! Despite the handophobia, they are definitely in the right ones!

  4. Oh, my, what dolls! But I say that about all your foster kittens. Fingers and paws crossed for them and their biological mom too.

  5. Oh my gosh, they are just darling! I know they will blossom in your care and become the most loving kittens ever!

  6. omcod!
    Are these babies not the cutest little faces. It's hard not to say they all are, but oh my the attitude. Just love it.

  7. I don't think it was a matter of asking for help, but asking help of "not a no kill" shelter that was the issue.. Because the prevailing thought is if it isn't a no-kill then animals that go to it are killed regardless of the facts..


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