Monday, May 7, 2012

son of a biscuit

i just heard that "Meow" the "39-pound cat" has died..

according to the website Meow developed unexpected respiratory difficulties which ended up taking his life.

I can only sit here and shake my head because I have no real words, nor any real information to create words of meaning. But I feel horrible. 

I know some cats aren't meant to have a full long life, and that they are here to teach us something if only we are open to learn what that is.  Hopefully Meow sparked a conversation about pet obesity and the proper way to care for it in cats.

What I can't help but wonder is what brought about the "unexpected respiratory difficulties"  was it because he was overweight and that was a direct cause (they blame the weight as "may have set off a string of events that ultimately ended his life") or was it more that he was exposed to some sort of URI while in the shelter and the stress of traveling all over the country and meeting so many TV personalities and what not stressed the living daylights out of him and lowered his immunity.  Stress does a number on cats..

I do not know, I doubt we'll ever know for sure... even if the Santa Fe Animal Shelter goes into further detail about the wheezing and it turns out to be something that would have happened no matter what, that isn't anything we can ever be absolutely certain of, because sadly medicine is as much an art as it is a science and there is just so much we don't know.  (and while this might sound like I'm blaming them for his death, I'm not.  Just having a thought and sharing it.  I don't think sharing him with the world was the wrong thing to do, I don't know if all his public appearances stressed him out or not (he did look mighty happy sitting next to Matt Lauer that day)  I guess I'm just going with this stinks!)  I do believe they did the best they could for him and had his best interests at heart.

I hope SFASHS doesn't mind I am using their image, it is just so beautiful..


  1. It is sad when people use animals for their own gain, without thinking of the that tiny puppy Beyonce. We are supposed to be advocates for animals, not a circus ringleader...Fly Free, Meow...

  2. Rest in peace, Meow. I learned recently that the Guiness Book of records no longer accepts entries for fattest cat--and for this I am glad.

  3. Poor Meow. I has the sad about him. I hope he had some good times on his travels. RIP, Sweetie.

  4. It's really very sad how things turned out for Meow. Perhaps, in retrospect, it may have been better to have just left it to his foster parents to videotape Meow's progress in losing weight and they could use that as footage for any tv shows rather than transport him so often.
    RIP, big guy!

  5. I was very sad and shocked to hear about Meow too....


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