Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ugh.. boys..

So the boys were at work all day with me yesterday.  I gave them a litter box and they peed in it several times.  I offered them food and they ate it (and created a great big mess) and as soon as I put them in the carrier to take them home they pooped up a storm.. *rolls eyes*

so I dug out a large tote to put them in last night.  Set them up with a nice towel to sleep on, a litter box to pee in and a shallow bowl with some food to eat.  I had to clean them up from their time in the carrier and I pumped them full of formula and they ignored the food and complained loudly that walking practice didn't happen... and being in the tub waiting for a bath didn't count lady!!!

Well this morning the food was shoved in the sides of the shallow bowl.  Schuster (aka Shoe-ie or Shoey rhymes with Stewie)) (and yes, I had to google how to spell Schuster yesterday) was curled up sleeping all innocent like.  His brother on the other hand...


Simon was sleeping, looking from a great distance and if you squinted a little, looking innocent.. he was covered in litter, food, and a few other unmentionables (apparently he likes baths) there was litter about the box, the side of the litter box was all dirty (I have no idea if it is food or other unmentionables) and well... he was in the litter box.

I can just see him with his untied shoes hanging on to a toy sail boat and grubby knees with his hair sticking up in the air.  This boy is the quintessential "boy" that you picture in your mind when you think snips and snails and puppy dog tails.. 

and I woke him up, and he was HUNGRY!!!!!!  waaah!!  and he did not want to sit in the bath tub and wait for me to feed his brother and he most certainly did not want to wait in the bath tub while I protected myself from his mayhem... being in the bath tub is not walking practice, it is not being fed, it is not play, it is not fun!! waaah!!  So I put the top of the carrier in there with him and he shut up while he explored that.  He is a spelunker that one..

The bath went well.  yup, he enjoys those.. and the moment I tried to get the litter clinging to his.. um.. tushie.. he threw his leg up in the air (which kittens tend to do when you try to make them pee) and unfortunately he was using that for support at the time, so he ended up rolling around in the water - and oh boy he thought that was fun..   *rolls eyes*

he's a pain, but man he makes me laugh..


  1. He sounds absolutely ADORABLE! Bet he is... really! purrs

  2. He sounds like a lil fuzzy character! :P Lil Dennis the Menace!

  3. ugh....yep, the joys of tiny kitts. mom says everytime we get them at this size that she is reminded why kittens should have momma cats.... :)

  4. What a character! He sure is making sure your life is filled with lots of interesting things to do. :)


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