Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gray and Mustard Yellow

oh.. my.. kitten..

remember messy messy boys?? yeah, well.. that was nothing.

This morning I walked in to the proverbial baby in a crib who removed the diaper and went to town.. there was poop EVERYWHERE!!  Poor little Gray's belly was no longer white but was completely mustard yellow. 

and wouldn't you know I was running late for an early morning appointment *sigh*  I changed out the bedding, got the worst of it off them gave them some food and left for about an hour.. when I got back there was this..
it looks like he got some of it cleaned up, because there was almost no white when I left, he was just neon yellow and gray.

So they got a bath.  Gray kept wanting to put his nose in the water  *rolls eyes* but eventually I got him all cleaned up (well mostly) and as dry as I could get him and put him back in the carrier with the heating pad on full tilt.  Simon got one next.. he seemed to want to go swimming.. lol.. anything to be difficult that one.  Once he was clean and towel dried I put him next to his brother, he climbed out of the side of the carrier, walked around to the front of the carrier and walked in on his own.


I've decided to give them a litter box.  hopefully they'll end up doing more then eating the litter..
I've also decided that their afternoon feeding will consist of some kitten food.    They might or might not eat it.  By Simon's attitude and teeth, I think they are a little older then the 3-4 weeks I originally thought and might be ready for it.  especially considering how hungry Simon gets.  It will be nice if both of these experiment goes off well, because then I can stop trucking them to work each day.
can you see Simon's heart on his back?

On a personal note, I was run off the road this morning by a great big construction vehicle taking a corner too sharply.  I'm fine but I ended up hitting a rail road track with out the protection of pavement and ended up popping a tire.  So much fun to be rescued with all of my work/kitten paraphernalia. 


  1. I have to admit, I was eating my lunch when I saw your first photo. . . oh my.

    I love those these guys sleep exactly the same way. I sure hope they can find a home together.

  2. Whenever I see babies so helpless like this, I am so thankful for people like you who do so much for them. Thank you I am sure you don't hear that often enough. What a way to start your day out, I am glad that you are alright.

  3. glad you are ok....

    Mom laughs cause our white kittens are having that same problem right now....she put out a litter box with some cat attract and has her fingers crossed that it works. :)

  4. Oh dear...the poor babies. We hope their tummies settle and there won't be anymore poop explosions.
    So glad you weren't injured in anyway.

  5. We're glad you weren't hurt!

    Oh, Gray....One of the many "joys" of being a foster mom, we guess!

    LOL at Rene. :-)


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