Saturday, July 7, 2012


I'm bored ~Henry
Me too ~Simon
Even the really awesome basket is borring
And this toy.. booorrrrrringggg
What's so boring about this? ~Dorian
Give us something new or I'm going to bite your toes! ~Agatha
ooooh, what's this??
Smells interesting
It's kinda fun to stand on too
Hey, what's this?
Hey, where did it go??
What the??
Hey! It's over here!!
Oh this is cool to scratch on too!!
Really? Let us try!
While they are off trying to figure out who gets to try next, I'll sneak over and check it out
Hey, how did it get over there??
I'll bat it back for you!
Hold on, comin through
Cause I need to bat it over here now.. 
Back, back I say!!
OK, this is fun
They are so silly! ~Dorian
That wore me out, guess it is nap time
Finally, my turn.. 
A toy that outlasts kittens! :)
Actually the toy was more of a "lets see who can stop the ball first"  My husband and I spent more time batting the ball then they did. They would sit there and try to "catch" it. I put the jingly balls in there to garner more interest.  Simon just thought those had to go and tried to dig them out (easy enough to do as they are smaller then the track) then he tried to dig the bigger ball out and that didn't work.

I also have to say I am pretty proud of that shot of Agatha..   Why you ask? well because she is absolutely driven to bite my nose.  When ever I am in the room she is on my chest trying to get to it.  If I'm standing up, she's weaving in and out of my feet trying to get my attention.  Which is why there are so darn few photos of her despite her amazingly large personality.  She's about half a pound less the Simon but she easily beats him up because she just won't stop.  Since she won't stop trying to bite my nose and fingers, I am working with her to understand that human skin is much more delicate then kitten fur and if she needs to bite me, she needs to do it delicately.  I THINK I'm making progress.  She's just so darn cute and sweet and innocent you can't help but feel bad when you yell at her for making your nose bleed..


  1. kitties with them everything is all new thats all

  2. When my Husi was younger, she'd love to bite on toes that would wiggle in socks...namely MINE! She did grow out of it eventually. :)

  3. The attention span of a kitten! About a half a second at best.

  4. I just love watching the kitties figure out a new toy.

  5. The turbo scratcher is always a good time! I've never heard of a cat who went after noses...


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