Monday, July 23, 2012

Ezra & Ollie

This is Ezra
When I first put hands on Ezra, I couldn't get over how much he reminded me of Ollie.
This is Ollie
My husband finally met Ezra this weekend and he too commented on how much Ezra reminded him of Ollie. Ollie was an incredibly grumpy cat, but he was a very outgoing friendly kitten (puberty hit him hard as we didn't neuter him till 6 months per the vet's recommendation - which is yet another reason why I believe in pediatric neutering)

Ezra is all tense like adult Ollie was.  He's got a black spot on his white toes like Ollie had.  Ezra has a white belly unlike Ollie though.  He's also got a bit of white on his lip like Ollie, but he is missing the 'dribble' down the neck to his white bib that Ollie had.

So there are some distinct differences.  But after my husband mentioned the similarity I couldn't help but think about Ollie 'coming back'

Many people believe their beloved pets come back to them again.  I find that to be a very interesting idea, and I do like the idea of us getting to work at different issues until we get them right, but I can't really get my brain around it.  But then there is a lot I can't get my brain around, and I'm OK with that.

So lets just go with this is a possibility.  I know we all come at this from different religious and philosophical perspectives.. This isn't intended to be a study, just an explanation as to why I was walking around the house holding a kitten and got lightly leaky eyes last night.

So most of me KNOWS this is NOT Ollie.  But part of me couldn't help but play with the possibility that it was an option.  Wouldn't it be fun if, wouldn't it be cool if sort of thinking.  Ezra was having some trust issues so I was walking him around the house holding him close.  I decided to show him to some of the resident kitties.  I am guessing The Crew has come to accept this is part of life now as they no longer hiss when I show them kittens; they get to look and whiff but not touch.    Ezra had more then enough after the third kitty and started hissing when I would introduce them...

which led me back to the whole reincarnation thing.  If this WAS Ollie, how confused and ticked off he would be to be so much smaller then his family.  I could just picture Ollie the kitten trying to take over his old place in The Crew and trying to be Alpha again - and trying to jump up on top of the fridge again.  If it was Ollie would The Crew recognize him and give the kitten Ollie's respect or would they put him in his place for being the youngest and the newest..

and yes, at some point my head exploded from the logic paradox.

It was a fun little mental exercise to play 'what ifs'  and I thought you might enjoy the mental image of Big Ol Grumpy Alpha Ollie coming back as a kitten.


  1. for thought! I just LOVE the long white whiskers, in any case! :)

  2. Anonymous10:39 AM

    When I first saw Ezra, I thought he looked soooo much like one of my late cats, too. My boy, Tippy Toes, was a big, friendly baby, though. I got him and his short-haired B&W brother Domino when they were about 8 weeks old, and they became quite big "boyz" (23 & 20 lbs in their prime). They lived to be 18 years old and almost 17 years old, respectively. When each was close to "the end" I kissed their heads and said that we'd meet again. I keep looking for them, but haven't seen them yet. :-) A little while after Domino passed away, we adopted a stray female cat that was hanging around a co-worker's house. Of course, being a stray female, she ended up being pregnant! When my co-worker mentioned a big B&W Tom who ruled his neighborhood, I got all excited, wishing for a B&W short-haired boy over and over again while the Mama cat was pregnant. And, the first one "out the shoot" was.....a B&W short-haired boy! Of course, I thought this was fate and we kept him. He is soooo not Domino reincarnated--he'd definitely his own boy. Very sweet and smart, but totally different personality. So, that didn't work! :-) But, we love him so much and wouldn't change a thing about him.

  3. Well, having had that one experience of reincarnation when I was 20, innocuous though it would be to anyone else, I don't discount the possibility.

    We all have our beliefs, and some people are so closed-minded that they can't see or be open to other possibilities, beyond what their tradition and dogma states. But the truth is that not one Being on this planet knows the secrets of Life, so it's absolutely possible that Ollie has come back, IMO. :-)

  4. I think we can all see it at one time or another. Spud showed up as I was still struggling with Tigger's death....and he looked so much like Tigg and Spud ended up staying. I often wonder if I did Spud a disservice (especially this morning at 5 am when he and Junior went at it again), but I guess I was trying to "make up" for my perceived failures with Tigg. It is interesting to think about.....

  5. They do look very similar. I am not sure how I feel about this subject, but I agree it's something to think about.

  6. That first picture of his little face soooo looks like an "Ezra".

  7. I will go to my grave believing Rupert is Dusty, come back. Even their mannerisms and preferences are nearly identical.

  8. Ollie sure had super long white whiskers. :)

  9. anything is possible in this life and the next,and I've always said about my pets that have passed I will see them again,And I will

  10. I haven't been reading you long enough to have known Ollie, but I went through your archives and found the posts from January 2011. I've chronicled the losses of my cats too, and now and then another foster or rescue would come along...this may be him returning, or it may be him sending a sweet and loving message to you that he misses you, he's fine, and it's okay to go on and love another kitty.

    And Ezra is so adorable that if he was in my house I'd never get anything done for looking at him!


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