Saturday, July 28, 2012

Free Sample of Holistic Select

The other day I saw a sample giveaway from Holistic Select.  As an advocate for a species appropriate diet, it seems wrong for me to have dry in the house at all, but as an owner of seven (previously eight) cats several of which are omegas so if they have to compete for treats they aren't going to get any.  They prefer to back down and walk way then reaching out (even when directly offered).  So as a counter to that I take a handful of dry food and toss it on the floor for The Crew to 'clean up'.  This works well for all involved.. well except me because I don't much like the idea, but when I realize I eat cookies and other deserts full of sugar I find that to be a way to justify it.  I try to keep my eye out for foods with the most animal based protein in it.

I liked the idea that this had active probiotics and digestive enzymes in it.  (OK, I liked that it was free too) and thought I'd give it a try.  This is what came in the mail.
As you can see Jack, Muffin and Fleurp really wanted it.
wait for it.. 3..2..1..
it was all gobbled down quite promptly.

Looking at the ingredients of the food, it looks more like something I would be eating and not something I would pick for my cats.  Too many fruits on their website for my liking as well.  I also find the addition of cinnamon and peppermint to be interesting as I would never purposely feed those to my cats.

Not a bad addition to the rotation of goodies as they seemed to really enjoy it, but I'm not sure I would buy it for them.


  1. I fed my cats the canned version a for a while, but the store where I bought it had free sample packs on hand and that was exactly what I picked them up for--treats.

    I only use treats for "training", with so many in the house if there is ever a need to call them together I shake a bag of treats or whatever and most of them will come running. I did this for real one day when we had a tornado warning and I needed everyone in the basement, even during the storm only one of them stayed upstairs under the bed.

    They are all lovely cats but Ezra is special.

  2. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Love Bernadette's 'training' example - as I've had to resort to that as well once or twice.

    As far as Holistic Select, the fish variety is affectionately referred to as "kitty crack" among my friends due to my cats' fondness for it as a treat.

    If you're looking for other fairly grain-free options, my local stores often sell mini bags of Orijen for a few dollars.(

  3. I got the sample too, but I admit I requested it to give to our feral, Bella. :-) I've fed our gang some of the canned and they like it, but it's not a first choice.


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