Thursday, July 5, 2012

Did you have a good Fourth?

I want to be a firework!
Henry, keep it down will you..
But I don't wanna go to bed..
well maybe that isn't a bad idea..
*sleepy stretch*
Hey, how did I end up on this side??
That's OK, this side is good too.  hey Henry, come here, I've got an idea..
Oh Jack, I will never leave you...
Seriously?  stop that some of us are trying to sleep.
Sounds like a plan, zzzzzz
I think we should all be able to sleep in on the Fifth..


  1. we've all gotten all sleepy...zzzzz

  2. I had a nice lazy day...except for the evening. I realize now why I never liked the 4th of July... The yokels light off the noisy and not pretty fireworks when I am trying to sleep and they scare the cats. I'm glad its over!

  3. once the banging stopped last night it wasn't so bad....we are lucky that the cold airs are back on in the house and we can nap in peace and cool....

  4. ITA, I wish I could have slept in today! These guys are getting cuter every day!

  5. Speedy is tired too...zzzzzzz

  6. You guys are so cute.
    I only got 23 1/2 hours of sleep yesterday. Maybe today will be better.

  7. "Oh Jack I will never leave you" made me LOL.

    They are SO freakin' cute!

  8. Is there anything more adorable than a kitten who is absolutely, definately not tired and will not be falling asleep?! Gorgeous little babies.

    Thanks for the congrats :)


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