Sunday, July 15, 2012

the last photo shoot

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(as I write this, she is oh so close to getting into the top 15.. I'm amazed, you guys are wonderful!!)

Trying to get a good shot of Simon (look at Henry in the back)
LOVE his pixelated shoulder - Schu shows up for his picture
Schu struggles, he's just not a tree dweller
Watch out Schu, Dorian is coming
Schu says NO! My photo shoot and activates POD (paw of doom)
He makes that basket look good
Now he thinks it is time for his close up
Yup, handsome boy
Henry thinks he is handsome too
as does everyone else
Schu gives up his basket
Henry thinks he makes the basket look better
Dorian is back
Watch out Simon, Dorian thinks it is his turn
Oh Dorian, the camera just loves you
*sigh* such cuteness
Dorian wonders where the basket went
Schuster found it
While Henry plays
And Schu washes his belly.. I just love watching him groom..
Henry is going to get that ball
almost.. got.. it..
Dorian thinks we should end the photos with him
I had been emailing the shelter about them, and was basically told that I could bring them any time.  I was torn because I have so enjoyed having them.  All too often kittens spent more time playing at this point then wanting to get cuddles and kisses and up till Friday night these guys preferred kisses.  Friday night they played hard, and Saturday morning when I went to feed them they were all play and wrestle..   I guessed it was time.  I tried calling the shelter and couldn't get anyone to confirm it would be OK to bring them in so I winged it and brought them in.  I figured if they couldn't take them I'd just take them back.

Well the decided to keep them,  Even had the vet on duty who could neuter them and take a look at Simon's ear.  So they'll probably be up for adoption the beginning of the week.  They did amazing at the shelter while I was there.  Often kittens will cower in the back of the carrier (PTU) trying to figure out what is going on, all five of them were up in front of their respective carriers, relaxed and enjoying the newness of it all.  They are such awesome kitties.  I know I had something to do with it, but sometimes I can't take much credit at all.  I am pretty sure this one was almost all them.  I kept them alive.  Taught the younger ones that people were so worth getting to know, and they took that ball and ran with it into the end zone and all the way to the home.  I so hope whomever adopts stops by and says hi.

Come back Monday to see what is next...Cause there is almost always a next..


  1. *Sigh*I shall miss seeing them on here*snif*

  2. You did such a great job, Connie! How they changed and developed so much over such a short time!!! I hope you are able to find out how they get on xx

  3. We'll miss seeing them too. We'll cross our paws and purr that they find truly wonderful *forever* homes.

  4. Connie you did amazing with this group of kittens. Oh are they so sweet. Shall so miss seeing and hearing about them.but know but their sake it is truly the best as their new homes will soon await them.

  5. They're such super-duper cute kitties. Here's to their forever homes and here's to you... the one who got them way more than half way there. purrs

  6. Oh that one of Henry in the basket lounging is just too much! Godspeed little ones.

  7. The photo with caption "sigh, such cuteness" is my top pick! They are soooo sooooo cute. We had Sasa's kitten up to about 2 months, and yes she was always jumping around, playing. It's so wonderful to have them around. I'll definitely be back on Monday.

    I'll be back,

    PS Did you receive your blog award? We nominated you. Go check it on our blog.

  8. Very nice your work with these kittens. I want to do the same thing when I have conditions.
    Helping animals in need of a home. It is an example to be followed. Congratulations! =)

    I almost forget to say, the pictures are beautiful!


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