Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gifties for The Crew

So that wonderful wonderful Rene over at It's all about the cats! emailed me a while back and mentioned ever since my plea for help she has been thinking about micro bead pillows and she saw one at her local JoAnn store.  Well I ran right down to mine (OK, I drove, it is 40 minutes away after all) and alas mine did not have any.  So right then and there I decided to make one (or four) for The Crew.  So I asked the staff if they sold micro beads.  Alas they had no idea what I was talking about so I went on line and found some on sale at Amazon, but it was fairly expensive for a small amount.  I figured it would end up being cheaper to buy one of those micro bead animals for sale everywhere and take it apart for the beads. 

Well I had mentioned this to Rene, and she said she could find them all the time at her local thrift store.  I haven't had any luck finding anything other then animals not good for laying on.  (yes, my husband and I both squeeze the pillows when we run into displays looking for micro bead pillows and don't think for a second it didn't amuse me to no end to imagine Rene doing the same)

Well I got an email saying she had found some, she washed them up and sent them over.  I got it on Tuesday (it arrived on Monday) and this is what occurred... well this is what occurred after I read the really cute card from Rene saying she hoped for pictures!! :)
Fleurp: what's this?
It's squishy..
and does not smell like me
everything MUST smell like me
I shall make it smell like me..
This is actually really fun!!
Jack & Skippy wondering what she is doing
This is MINE! 
Hey, that worked.
puppy dog pretending to be Flat Jack
Kit: um, this dog isn't for laying on..
Fleurp: Hey, what's going on over there?
Jack: this thing has feathers..
Fleurp: this thing doesn't smell like me either..
Feather fun (this is a mirror shot)
I hosied it.
a few teeth marks for good measure
and a couple of rabbit kicks..
oh wonderful feather toy, where have you been all my life
Skippy: since she is busy, I'll just make myself comfortable
But Skippy, that's mine too..
Muffin loved the sock toy.  she's kinda a niphead
Fleurp isn't mean, she is just like a little kid who thinks everything belongs to them and they have no concept of if it is all theirs that means no one else gets any.

I do have some interesting fabric to make a pillow with and will use the dog toy to fill it.  I'll stuff the dog with fiberfill and bring it down to the shelter.

a little while later, we had this.. 


  1. Oh thank you for the bounty of photos! It seems Fleurp is like Tucker in that "everything" is hers! I never imagined the square pillow would be accepted as is!

    Thanks for sharing. I'm glad everything arrived safely.

  2. I would say you have a result!! :D

  3. looks like they had loads of fun!

  4. This is so fun! We love how Fleurp hogged all the best stuff. :)

  5. 2 observations:
    1st, we may be louder, but people in Maine seem to be every bit as crazy as people in Texas. (Referencing running around squeezing random toys.)

    2nd, I just love that universal cat "Smell Down Smack Down" when something doesn't have the appropriate aroma.

  6. Now that is some happy kitties!
    Happy 4th!


  7. It looks like you kitties have lots of fun things to play with. Lucky!
    xo Catherine

  8. @RN Griffin why yes, yes we are :) but in a good way

  9. I love how protective Fleurp is of her pillow. My late cat Star had a pillow like that, and he would knead it for hours until he went into a drooling, crazy-eyed trance. Weirdest thing.


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