Sunday, July 15, 2012

Can you feel the blogging love?

A while back I saw a recipe for rhubarb pie over at Scarlett and Melly's blog.  It looked absolutely fabulous so I pinned it to make at some other point.

More recently I won an award from Sun's Sparks of Life
and I thought what better way to honor this award by making Trish's Mom's Rhubarb Pie, cause Trish is from another awesome blog I read - can't you just feel the Sisterhood of the bloggers oozing through this post :)

Now it has been eons since I made an actual pie.  Years of food restrictions and a complete hatred of making pie crust left me pieless.  However it did not leave me with out a premade pie crust (There usually sweet potato pies made at Thanksgiving by my husband - and my husband won't make crust either)  I'm currently in the mode of using up food items in the house, the little bits of this and that, so the fact that I had and got to use the extra pie crust was a bonus.

Problem:  I only had one crust and the recipe called for two.  Solution: we both REALLY love crumble, so I made crumble instead.
Problem: recipe didn't state if I should prebake crust.  so I didn't
Problem: recipe didn't state how big the pieces of rhubarb should be, so I cut them into about one inch pieces which is standard in my family recipe of Strawberry Rhubarb pie.
Problem: I really don't think I had enough rhubarb, so I just used what I had

The recipe called for baking it between 40-45 minutes, so I cooked it 42 minutes and it looked like this
there was a boat load of liquid when I pulled it out.  So I let it cool for about an hour, that was all I could stand.

no photo available

Sorry, I didn't take a photo of the piece I ate.  and trust me, at this point you don't want to see it! :) It was really quite yummy.  Although I'm not 100% sure the rhubarb was fully cooked.

I am so making this again.  but I'm going to figure out exactly how much rhubarb I'm using, and I'm cutting it into much smaller pieces.. and I will probably only use a cup of sugar.. 


  1. I'm glad it tasted good! The rhubarb this year has been awfully woody. Mom uses about 4 cups fresh, cut in 1" pieces, on the diagonal. I know! But she says it's important. Moms.

  2. I am thankful that I reap the benefits! Very tasty pie. Especially the crumble topping. Best ever!


  3. I did cut on the diagonal probably could have been more so.. and they were probably a smidge more then an inch,

    I just had my second piece. definitely better in the watery department but still a little watery, but it was still warmish. So I'd say if you can find some way to cool it right down it will be all the better. Hopefully the rest of the pie will make it through the night and I can tell you for sure tomorrow.. :)

  4. If you use Crisco instead if butter in your pie crust recipe, crusts are really easy to make. Butter flavored Crisco is best. I roll mine out between 2 pieces of wax paper so they are easy to pick up. Flour, salt, Crisco & water. Thats it.

    Thanks for coming over for our Gotcha Day!

  5. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Mom says you are a braver person than she. Mom tried once, with her younger sister, to make a pie. I don't think the word disaster even begins to cover that experience. You enjoy that pie and we will just revisit the photo MOL

  6. So that award makes you make pies again? It is surely a positive outcome ;) i never know what to do with rhubard, so now I can try this recipe.

    Well done for all your work with the kittens. I have missed so many of your recent posts. Got a lot of catching up to do.



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