Friday, July 6, 2012

Box full of goodness

Right before my birthday Scarlett and Melly's Mom offered up a book she had bought and enjoyed.  I was one of the first replies and I suggested we could start a roaming blog-o-sphere book club and she thought that was a cool idea, so I got the book first.

Well it arrived yesterday.  Not only was there a book involved but there was a slew of additional goodies.. and don't think for a second that there wasn't much rejoicing...
Notice the space where another brownie could have fit?  DH was there...
OMGoodness those brownies are FABULOUS
Um, mom, when do we get to rejoice? ~Jack
yum yum yum ~Muffin
yum yum yum ~Eli
She who is
covered with the most nip wins!
I love nipfest
So if they are busy, I get the pillow right? ~Skippy
I want ~Fleurp
I was here first! ~Skippy
I can't believe that worked!
Long boy takes up the pillow and then some
Mom, we have the munchies.  Can we have treats now?
Dad, make her stop with the flashy box and give us food..
 Natalie, those who are totally stoned salute you..

The book is due to move on to Rene next, which is great because I get to kill two birds with one box of goodness
and yes I did include a random arms in the air like he just doesn't care monkey pencil topper.  Simply because it amuses me to no end and I wanted to share.


  1. Now that's simply FABULOUS!

  2. Isn't she awesome? It totally made my day (and the kitties)

    this morning my husband shyly asked me if it would be OK if he took a couple of brownies for his lunch.. it was so cute.

  3. Now that is a serious box of goodness.

  4. Wow, that is a serious package of awesomeness! When my human read about the book on Scarlett and Melly's blog, she got the book from the library. Now she is kind of sorry that she didn't get in queue to wait for that copy to come around!

  5. Wow! Goodies for EVERYONE! "...celebrate good times, come on..." :P

  6. Kitty weed and pillows: Everyone's a winner! I love it.

  7. That is so cool, and she even included some of awesome baked goodies!! Your crew has had a fabulous week of goodies.

    Maybe we should start a list of good cat-related books?

  8. LOVE the stoned kitty pictures! They are hilarious. I'm glad everyone (feline and human) enjoyed the goodies. I had fun putting the box together :)


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